300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Black Swan Yoga offers 300hr YTT which consists of 10-50hr Continued Education Units in Austin, Texas. Enroll in one module at a time, no strings attached, or commit to your personal elevation and dive into your 300hr training.

The Black Swan Yoga teacher trainers are experts in their fields. Check out the line up of life-changing teachers below! Mix and match any modules above to add up to 300hrs of study to complete your 300hr RYT certification with Black Swan Yoga! In true BSY fashion keep it affordable and simple! Contact us with your curiosities!

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10hr CEU $160

25hr CEU $350

50hr CEU $700

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Practical Pranayama: Philosophy and Application for Modern Life 10hr CEU
Anne Marie
November 20-21
Saturday 8am-1pm
Sunday 8am-1pm
Connect to the lessons each breath offers. Your breath is fundamental to your yoga practice and also your life. Through breathing, we expand our awareness of what is, and begin to realize that in each breath "lies the secret that all great teachers try to tell us."
  • Earn 10 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or BSY’s RYS 300 YTT
  • Explore the physiological effects and anatomy of breathwork
  • Learn and apply specific pranayama techniques to support your asana practice and your life
  • Discuss the underlying philosophy of breathing
  • Traverse the subtle body, the vayus, and the nadis
  • Understand therapeutic applications and contraindications

And so much more!
Hot Onnit 10hr CEU
Elese Rose
December 4-5
Saturday 1pm-6pm
Sunday 1pm-6pm
Hot Onnit is an all encompassing movement practice designed to bridge the (4) pillars of Hot Onnit and yoga asana into a safe class setting. In this training learn all about your favorite program and offer this practice to your clients. Help them experience a blend of asana and functional movement patterns.
  • Earn 10 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or BSY’s RYS 300 YTT
  • Learn the foundations-basic movements to provide a safe, stimulating and inspiring class
  • Let’s talk durability- creating strength, flexibility and resiliency not only in the muscles but also in the joints
  • Create your flow-have a goal and outline to allow you to move through the ebb + flows of your class
  • Learn to improvise to compliment your goal

And so much more!
Yin & Traditional Chinese Medicine 50hr CEU
With its foundations in Chinese medicine and philosophy, Yin Yoga is a modern application of ancient principles and a versatile practice of self-reflection, stillness, and resilience. In this comprehensive 50 hour training, you will dive deep into TCM principles such as yin/yang theory, 5 element theory, and meridian theory, and learn how to apply these both as a teacher and for your own wellbeing in daily life. This training will equip you with the tools and knowledge to be an informed, effective yin yoga teacher guiding students safely through this nurturing practice with reverence for its heritage.

  • Earn 50 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or BSY’s RYS 300 YTT
  • The key asanas of yin yoga along with prop modifications
  • Yin yoga sequencing principles through both Eastern and Western perspectives
  • The history of yin yoga and its Chinese medicine roots
  • Yin/yang theory, 5 element theory, Meridian theory
  • The anatomy and physiology of yin yoga
  • Considerations for creating a safe and effective yin yoga class

And so much more!
The Anatomy of Sequencing 25hr CEU
Take your teaching to the next level and discover the power of intentional sequencing in Black Swan Yoga’s 25-hour Anatomy of Sequencing Module.

  • Earn 25 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or BSY’S RYS 300 YTT
  • Grow your teaching skills and understanding of anatomy
  • Learn how to create physically themed sequences
  • Explore the 3 planes of anatomical movement
  • Deepen your personal practice

And so much more!
Science of Savasana 10hr CEU
Ever wondered why savasana feels so dreamy? Practice and discuss supporting the most restful of savasana. Let's float through the inner landscape of the mind and body during deep rest.

  • Earn 10 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or BSY’s RYS 300 YTT
  • Expand your knowledge of the nervous system
  • Learn techniques to create a deeper, more restful savasana
  • Discover the connection between mental states and brain waves
  • Cultivate health and restoration at a cellular level

And so much more!
Ashtanga 10hr CEU
Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that is acknowledged to be the source of modern styles like Vinyasa, Flow, and Power yoga. This practice combines asana (the poses of yoga), pranayama (breath practice), and internal focus to create a style of yoga that can strengthen the body and mind simultaneously. Within this practice, there are six series of poses that are designed to gradually challenge the practitioner and lead to greater self-awareness through the study of the 8 limbs of yoga (Ashta= eight, anga = limb). We will discuss the 8 limbs of yoga as codified by Patanjali as well as their practical application in daily life, including the role of asana. This immersion is intended to help new students learn to practice safely and give yoga teachers the foundation they need to begin sharing this practice with others. A firm foundation in Ashtanga yoga can help to create safe and strong habits in the practice of all flow-based forms of yoga, making this a great way to inform all practices and teachings.

  • Earn 10 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or BSY’s RYS 300 YTT
  • Students will learn the Primary Series (called Yoga Chikitsa, or yoga therapy) as well as how to modify and adjust the asana to accommodate a wide range of situations
  • Study the more subtle practices of pranayama, bandha, and drishti in order to cultivate the energetic and contemplative aspects of the practice that make this into meditation in motion

And so much more!
Teaching Authentically 10hr CEU
Elevate your teaching by uncovering your greatest gifts! We will hold space for discussion and personal reflection designed to further develop your ability to lead and teach authentically. We will work to identify and strengthen our purpose as teachers, craft our own personal mission statements, and get really clear on our goals as a teacher.
  • Earn 10 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or BSY’s RYS 300 YTT
  • Discover YOUR most authentic voice
  • Learn to navigate the responsibility of creating and holding the space you would like for yourself and others
  • Gain practical tips for leading from a place of authenticity
  • Learn to lead with confidence by capitalizing on the wisdom of your own experiences

And so much more!
Life through the Eyes of the Sutras 10hr CEU
Let this journey into the Yoga Sutras help you widen your perspective, develop your intentions and broaden your practice. We will go through the four chapters (padas) of the classical text The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali in order to understand better the viewpoint of the practice of Yoga and how we can use the teachings to enhance our own practice. In a dynamic way, we will dive into the key principles and basic terms to better understand the most compelling threads and how to actually put them into practice.
  • Earn 10 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or BSY’s RYS 300 YTT
  • The basic Sanskrit terms from this sacred yogic text, what they signify, and how to use them
  • How to put into practice key principles as defined by the Sutras through activities such as visual meditations and self-lead content
  • Formulation of a study guide for the student to continue their Self-Study practice with the Sutras as a foundation

And so much more!

*Required Reading: The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali by Edwin F Bryant
Kids Yoga 25hr CEU
Ever wanted to teach kids about yoga and mindfulness, but didn't know where to start? Join former public school teachers, Allison & Natalie as you explore the world of yoga through the eyes of a child. This 25hr CEU will be broken up into developmental appropriate poses, and activities based on varying age groups. This training welcomes anyone working with children, or those who have an interest in teaching yoga to kids; no prior yoga knowledge required!

  • Earn 25 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or BSY’S RYS 300 YTT
  • Uncover the inner child by participating in a variety of age-appropriate classes
  • Learn how to incorporate mindfulness, asana, meditation, breathwork, and more into a kids yoga class
  • Expand your knowledge of age-appropriate tools to teach to different age groups
  • Build and create your own kid's yoga playbook of classes
  • Discover the benefits of yoga for kids of all ages

And so much more!
Yoga Ethics 25hr CEU
As a practice of union, yoga requires that we find alignment between our inner selves and the world around us. For yoga teachers, this ethical integrity ensures that we embody a trusting relationship with our students, one another, our places of work, and within our own hearts and communities. In this 25 hour training, we will build on the foundation of the Yamas and Niyamas to better understand how to lead ethical lives as yogis and how to ensure safe spaces for our students.
  • Earn 25 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or BSY’s RYS 300 YTT
  • The foundations of yogic ethics through a comprehensive understanding of the Yamas and Niyamas
  • The art of holding space for self and others
  • The practice of healthy boundaries
  • Principled self-promotion and marketing
  • Why ethical practices matter for yoga teachers

And so much more!
Anatomy 25hr CEU
Ground your teaching with the foundational knowledge of anatomy! Take an in-depth look at the body through the lens of Yoga in Black Swan Yoga’s 25-hour Anatomy module!
  • Earn 25 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or BSY’S RYS 300 YTT
  • Explore key concepts of the body and how it moves in the Yoga room
  • Discover and apply techniques for using the body in a skillful way
  • Do the behind-the-scenes work that helps you to create thoughtful classes
  • Sift through misconceptions and antiquated language to keep your teaching up-to-date
  • Learn how to troubleshoot Yoga poses for common injuries

And so much more!
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