Instagram:  kaylee.yoga

Hi y'all! I'm a travel lover and fitness junkie. I believe deeply in the healing powers of movement, and am dedicated to spreading my knowledge and love of movement to anyone and everyone who is interested. I am a personal trainer, outdoor enthusiast, kitchen wizard, bad poet, happy wifey & puppy mom extraordinaire. I took my very first yoga class right here at Black Swan Yoga when it first opened almost 10 years ago. I thought yoga was really, really weird; but for some reason (probably because I could get away with donating $2), I continued to return on and off over the years. I picked yoga back up a few years ago to compliment weight lifting and to heal a back injury and torn ACL. Or should I say, yoga picked me back up. I begin to practice daily and quickly noticed a shift. I was no longer flailing around, I was moving with intention. I was no longer holding my breath, I begin to take my first conscious inhales and exhales. My smile got a little bigger. I think my heart did, too. These things have followed me off of my mat and contributed to a way more peaceful life. My teaching style is alignment focused with a big emphasis on not taking anything too seriously. If you leave my class feeling a little lighter and a little brighter, then I must be doing something right.