Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is the certification to teach yoga to pregnant and postnatal women. Each module is worth 25 hours of Continued Education, so you can enroll in the CEUs on their own if you’d like. This training will give you the tools to teach vinyasa for pregnancy & postnatal AND prenatal and postnatal classes for a community of women! We will cover the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Expect lectures from guest teachers such as a Labor & Delivery nurse, a Doula and a Midwife. We will learn about nutrition to support the monthly female cycle to promote harmony and health within the body! Expect to dive deeply into the emotional, interpersonal, historical and societal current on women’s health, the female body, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and mindful motherhood!

This training is welcome to everyone. No need to be a certified yoga teacher to enroll.Our Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Covers:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the female cycle, pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • How to support pregnancy and postpartum bodies in a general population vinyasa or hatha class
  • How to create and teach a prenatal and postnatal yoga class dedicated entirely to Mamas
  • History and current climate of birth and female care
  • Nutrition to support a healthy monthly cycle
  • Guest lectures from birth workers
  • Community empowerment through education and connection

Module 1 includes history, anatomy and lessons on supporting pregnancy in a general population vinyasa/hatha class.

Module 2 is focused on master sequencing for prenatal classes.

Module 3 includes a deeper dive into female health and the emotional/spiritual journey for women.

Module 4 includes lessons to support and create Postpartum practices and modifications.

Complete Module 1 & 2 for an introduction to pregnancy & yoga.

Complete Module 3 & 4 to dive deeper into the topics.

All four modules can be applied toward your 300hr certification with Black Swan Yoga!

Each module is $400 and open to everyone! Not just women or certified yoga teachers. If you’re passionate and curious about female health and pregnancy, join us!

Module 1
January 15-17:
Friday 6-9PM,
Saturday / Sunday 9-5:30PM
Module 2
January 29-31:
Friday 6-9PM,
Saturday / Sunday 9-5:30PM
Module 3
Date TBD


Module 4
Date TBD



Meet Our Teacher Trainers

Kristi Stotts
Kristi is a mom of three amazing tiny humans who challenge and inspire her every day. Yoga is an essential part of her motherhood story. Practicing prenatally, in the postpartum period, and as her children grow has taught her compassion for herself, patience and pride in her body, and a more mindful way to parent. Kristi is trained in prenatal and postnatal yoga and brings firsthand knowledge and intuitive wisdom into her teachings of mothers.
Prenatal TT will empower ALL teachers to guide pregnant and postnatal mothers through a safe and fulfilling yoga practice. Odds are a pregnant mother will step into your class one day and with this training you will know exactly how to serve her. And if you are not a yoga teacher, but perhaps a birth worker or a mother and you are interested in better understanding women's health and the role that yoga can play in motherhood, this training will offer you insight, understanding, and inspiration. I hope you will join us for this powerful journey!
Felicia Vijitchanton
The greatest gift I have received was giving birth to my son Leo. During my pregnancy I found it very empowering to expand my yoga practice by taking prenatal training. Prenatal Yoga not only opened my mind to creative adaptations for the asana practice but it helped me to communicate, connect and let go of fear that existed during an exciting moment in my family’s life. The experience I want to share will be to reintroduce the woman’s body and her miraculous and powerful abilities to grow a human, to then give birth not only to her child but to give birth to a new self and new perspective of life. Your story is no better nor worse than any other but more importantly when we create space to share these experiences that is when we really make a shift to strengthen and support the greatest and most exciting moment for a woman’s birth story. I hope to offer for you in this program a place of empowerment, confidence and a wealth of information that can be shared to support maybe oneself, your friends, your family and your students new journey on and off the mat.