Black Swan Yoga Denver

Black Swan Yoga Denver offers donation-based, heated yoga and fitness classes. We believe yoga and fitness should be available to everyone, so we offer all classes by donation and have the most affordable monthly membership around.

Our teachers are creative and unique individuals, but all have one thing in common: they are really good people who will make you feel at home. Together, we honor all  yoga practices and philosophies, but keep things simple. We believe yoga should be accessible, so our all levels Flow class is offered at all times of the day. Down to flow? Get on your mat today.

Drop in anytime to enjoy your practice by donation or sign up for our $88 monthly membership to enjoy unlimited classes & fresh discounts.


Fresh air to breathe is key! We ventilate the entire studio after every single class. We follow all state requirements, prioritize ventilation // sanitation and create a safe, designated space for each yogi to practice 6ft+ apart.

Masks are required while you’re indoors. We are all about making the masks a lifestyle, y’all. Make it fashion.


  • What is BSY?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How do I sign up and what do I bring?
  • What’s your pandemic protocol?
  • I am new to yoga. Where do I begin?
  • Is this “hot yoga?” 

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