Class Types


Flow yoga is our signature class. This is a great class for all levels of people to enjoy. Flow yoga is a style of yoga that strengthens and stretches the entire body. There is a special emphasis on the power and importance of your breath. Flow yoga aims to unite your breath and body. You will see this class most commonly on our schedule. Flow yoga is accessible by all levels of student. It’s a great class to begin with.


Fitness, mindful movement and yoga all included. This is our fitness class that is rooted in the movement principles taught at Onnit Academy. You might experience exercises that incorporate kettlebells, the steel mace or just your body weight. Cool down with some yoga and enjoy the empowering experience


Our strongest yoga class. Explore your physical edge with power yoga! Power is a vinyasa flow class at the next level. Teachers offer a strong, advanced practice that can up level your body and mind. We commonly hear students express fear to try our power class. The only time you can be brave is when you’re scared. We believe in you! Try it out and be brave!


Our yoga class for people seeking teachings on the foundations of yoga. This is a great class to refine your pose alignment and ensure you’re practicing safely for your body. Beginner classes are not easy. This class is empowering and educational.


Relax and let go! This relaxing class is not heated and perfect for mental/physical recovery. We combine practices from restorative yoga, yin yoga, meditation, breath work and more to offer a gentle, opening experience. Lots of props are offered! Chill out with us.


Practice with your baby in your belly or on the outside! Non-mobile babies are welcome to join this class. Enjoy a flow practice adapted to your needs during pregnancy and postpartum. These classes are in line with BSY’s flow classes and are going to strengthen you, while being accessible to your needs. This is a wonderful class to connect to your community. Make some Mom friends and uplift each other! This class is not heated and many props are available.


Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional practice. The set sequence of poses includes many Sun Salutations. This series of poses offer a challenging and foundational practice to build upper body and core strength. This practice is the first form of “flow” yoga. Join this class to develop a solid base of strength and body/breath connection.