30 Days of Yoga

30 Days of Yoga: January Challenge

Written by Abby Kaplan, Black Swan Yoga 200hr YTT graduateFollow @abbyoggi “You’ll start to feel whole again when you energetically reclaim the parts of yourself you’d entrusted to them,” my friend Morgan, a skilled yoga … Read more

5 ways to start meditation

5 Ways to Start Meditating

Written by Alecia Norman, Yoga TeacherFollow @diving_yogi The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are becoming fairly mainstream these days. Even large corporations are starting to encourage meditation to assist with stress management, anger management, and … Read more

Advancing your Asana practice with Todd

Benefits of Advancing Your Asana Practice

Written by Todd Cline500RYTFollow @todd_cline Advancing your asana (physical) practice has a mountain-sized list of benefits and the pursuit of finding the fullest expression of one’s body is a noble one. But the benefits expand … Read more

Ayurveda 101

Ayurveda 101

Written By Hannah Hannah Rose Friend, 500RYTFollow @hannahrose.friend Translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “life-knowledge”. It is one of the oldest natural wellness practices to date, originating over five thousand years ago in ancient India. Today, … Read more