The Power of Letting Go

Written by Sarah Kadel, Yoga Educator (she/her) E-RYT500
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Have you ever considered the importance of the last few minutes of class as you lay on your mat in savasana?

Savasana challenges us to do nothing in a culture that rewards busyness and shames rest. Grind culture glorifies more, more, MORE at any expense while rest is often perceived as luxury or even being lazy. We might feel that our worth or value as a human correlates with our ability to produce, create, succeed, and accomplish. This frenetic pace of life leaves us feeling burnt out, sleep-deprived, and stressed out. So, how do we find balance? Savasana requires us to do nothing, to become passive, and to rest – and rest is not something that needs to be earned!!! Rest is our birthright and vital for a vibrant and creative life.

In savasana, we let go of our need to constantly DO and instead allow everything to just BE – including ourselves. Our entire vinyasa practice is designed as preparation for our time in savasana where we integrate the benefits of yoga and provide time for both subtle and extraordinary transformation to occur. These moments of stillness and ease make way for our inner wisdom and true nature to be clearly witnessed and felt. Savasana is an opportunity to let go of our worries and insecurities around not being or doing enough and to let limiting thoughts dissipate. Physically, our time in savasana influences deep relaxation and parasympathetic dominance which decreases stress response and improves mental clarity.

The physical relaxation and intentional not doing of savasana reveals the power of letting go and helps us to drop into the natural flow of life. It is often an experience that goes beyond words, but there may even be feelings of wholeness, peace, connection, and gratitude. We may even realize that everything we seek is already within ourselves. Savasana reveals our true nature and reminds us of our infinite capacity for love.

Join Sarah for a 10-hour continuing education workshop on May 15 & 16th 1pm-6pm at Black Swan Yoga. We will explore guided meditation, pranayama, and restorative techniques to help facilitate deeper mental and physical rest in savasana. You will learn about the history, mythology, and context of Savasana and understand how savasana affects all dimensions of our existence through the Vedic teachings of Pancha kosha. Explore the physiological benefits of savasana and how to practically integrate this understanding into your teaching. Learn about trauma-informed considerations, language, and options to provide conscious space for trauma-impacted students. Of course, you’ll get to cozy up and REST in this module, too!