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Hi you guys, I'm Rachel and I have been practicing yoga for about six years now. The ways in which my life and thought processes have changed are innumerable. The seeds were planted, as it were, when I began. Yoga taught me the joy of practicing something simply for the joy of practicing it, and my improving practice helped to show me the value of commitment and hard work. It truly helped to still my mind and give me confidence. We've all got something to work through, and developing my yoga practice and becoming mindful of my body and the world surrounding my body has helped me to heal from the various complicated events that we all face in life. It's taught me to let go and be present. This is the crux of why I teach yoga. To help bring awareness to those who have been bruised by life and are looking for a way to ameliorate it through their body and their breath. My practice has helped to cultivate such an intense love for humanity and the little hunk of the divine that dwells in each of us and makes us all One, and if I can bring just a glimmer of that to one person, then it will have all been worth it. Namaste. "Get it while you can." -Janis Joplin