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With over 15 years of teaching experience, Kewal Hausmann is dedicated to helping students feel inspired to make the choices that lead them towards happiness and personal satisfaction. Always the devoted yoga student himself, Kewal has attained his ERYT 500, CIAYT 1000, as well as broadening in his skill set as a LMT and Reiki Lvl 2. With the knowledge, training, and versatility to teach ashtanga, flow, vinyasa, hatha, restorative, yin, adaptive, prenatal, postnatal, kundalini, gentle yoga, private yoga therapy (in one-on-one sessions), meditation, and pranayama, Kewal brings his big heart and signature humor to every class, no matter the style. His teaching is grounded in helping students feel empowered in their practice and comfortable in their own bodies. Kewal started teaching in 2002 after studying ashtanga yoga with Sharon Moon, still his primary teacher to this day. While he is not one to take himself too seriously, he does take yoga very seriously—yoga makes people feel better, and for him, that’s how you make the world a better place. In his classroom, students can expect to feel like they are capable of doing what they want to do, with no pressure to have to do anything at all. Through his creative sequencing and ability to adapt the yoga practice for all skill levels, ages, physical impairments or injuries, and a wide range of body types; Kewal creates a joyful, safe, and loving atmosphere for all students. Along with a desire to improve people’s overall health and wellbeing, Kewal is committed to creating a space where all are welcome and celebrated. His genuine, fun-loving approach and his focus on helping people feel better are meant as a beacon of light to all those who feel they don't fit in, whether it's because of body type, race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else. He began his practice to answer his own questions and started teaching to help overcome his own social anxiety, and he believes in sharing the power of yoga to achieve the same for his students. People in Kewal’s classes leave knowing that they are capable of doing so much more than they expected when they bring their body, mind, and heart together