January Challenge

We are kicking off our JANUARY CHALLENGE ✨

Starts January 1st ends January 31st!

First StepENROLL, Please enroll by Sunday, January 5th, no late registration please. This is a FREE CHALLENGE so lets get prepped and ready to start the new year with the magic of yoga!

Second StepPractice Practice Practice 30 classes *has to be in studio* in the month of January.

Third StepEnjoy your FREE MONTH OF YOGA!!! We will set this up for you on the back end so February will be taken care of! Keep it up Yogis!


1) If you have never been a member to BSY before, we have a Santa Swan promotion you may want to jump in on. Sign up before January 1st for our Santa Swan special- the first month is only $44 with code “santaswan”! Cancel anytime, no contracts, no fuss, just awesome yoga the way BSY does it! BEST DEAL!

2) Already a member? Jump into the challenge and practice 30 in studio classes and we will comp your next autopay!! SWEET DEAL!

3) Plan to drop in by donation, GO FOR IT! We will set you up just the same for a free month in February. YOU GOT THIS!


We have lined up some of our very best swans to host you Saturdays at Westgate and Sundays at Anderson. These are non-mandatory to attend however these classes are specially set up for you AND can be used as a 30 day yoga class for the challenge.

WESTGATE (Saturday) & ANDERSON (Sunday) 6-7PM

Saturday, 1/4 | 2020 Vision Board Workshop with Elese and Kiana

Sunday, 1/5 | 2020 Vision Board Workshop with Elese and Kiana
Saturday, 1/11 | How to flow through challenges on & off your Mat with Noel
Sunday, 1/12 | How to flow through challenges on & off your Mat with Bridgid
Saturday, 1/18 | Sthira & Sukha with Sean
Sunday, 1/19 | Yoga Nidra with Gillian
Saturday, 1/25 | 30 Day Challenge Celebration & Raffle with Todd
Sunday, 1/26 | 30 Day Challenge Celebration & Raffle with Courtney
**Must Enroll by January 5th 2020**
(to be eligible for the FREE MONTH OF YOGA PRIZE)


Sign up for January Challenge here!

Joys of Inversion

Come explore the joys of arm balances and inversions with yoga teachers Tiffany and Todd! Whether you’re a total beginner looking to land your first Crow Pose or a total pro looking for the next level up, or somewhere in between, you’ll leave this workshop feeling more confident in your abilities on the mat. While the physical practice (asana) is only one aspect of Yoga, the journey of unlocking one’s physical potential is vastly rewarding. Covered will be poses such as: Crow Pose, Side Crow, Forearm Stand, Handstand and more!

Suggested Donation $25

Benefit Class

Join BSY for our February Benefit Class with Christine at BSY Orchard, Saturday 2/8 6PM! 100% of your donations will go to Whole Kids Foundation a non-profit dedicated to helping kids eat better—and enjoy it! Whole kids is a non-profit founded by Whole Foods Market and guided by the same values, principles, expertise and standards for quality ingredients, food production methods and nutrition. 100% of your donations will help to provide 

We hope you can join us for Black Swan Yoga’s February Benefit Class!

Art of Connection

Join Patsy, Sean and guest teacher Holly for an event you don’t want to miss! They are offering a two-hour workshop all about connecting with yourself and with others. The power and magic of human connection is truly healing, transformative, and powerful. Expect a flow, partner activities (no partner necessary to sign up- we will partner you up), and journal work. These healers will take you through different ways to overcome fear of connection, how to vulnerably put your spirit on your sleeve, and they will leave you feeling more connected, aligned, and ready to share your heart with the world.
Suggested Donation $25

Ecstatic Dance Party

Join Jennifer Turner & Layla Tavakolian for Ecstatic Dance Party, a night of movement, freedom of expression, ambiance, and fun! This immersive experience will open you to a state of flow and feeling and allow for a journey of reconnection back to yourself. Come to move and groove in the high vibes, sacred space, and soul resonating (booty bumping) sounds. Whether you’re a dancing queen/king or have two left feet this experience is for you. Everyone is welcome. Dance is our birthright and the universal language of the soul.
Suggested Donation $25

Shamangelic Breathwork Ceremony

Join us for Shamangelic Breathwork Ceremony with Anahata Ananda at Black Swan Yoga Westgate and Black Swan Yoga Anderson Studios!!This is a soulful dive into clearing the energetic and emotional bodies while awakening and expanding the light body. Deep Shamanic breathing has been found to facilitate profound emotional releases, open new channels of awareness and clear toxicity in the body. This sacred journey incorporates guided visualization, deep breathing techniques, vibrational sound, soulful music, energy healing, Shamanic tools, crystal therapy and light body expansion techniques to facilitate a personal Sacred Journey into the depths of your own soul and BEYOND!!!Limited space. Please do not eat a large meal right before the ceremony. Wear comfortable clothing and Bring Your Own Blanket and Pillows!!* Friday, February 28th  at Black Swan Yogas Westgate Session 8-11 PM(Doors open at: 7:45PM & Doors close at: 8PM) * Saturday, February 29th at Black Swan Yoga Anderson Session 5-8 PM(Doors open at 4:45PM & Doors close at: 5PM)

1. Create a login with your email
2. Enter in your information that is prompted, choose a designated studio location
3. Check the agreement waiver box
4. enter your billing info
5. Click Enrollments Tab and scroll down to Anahata’s Shamangelic Breathwork Ceremony
6. Click Enroll
7. Pay Ticket Price to RSVP
8. You are all set! Enjoy!!