Yoga on the Plaza!


It’s almost spring time in Austin and there’s no better way to shed those winter layers than at Yoga on the Plaza! Join us every Monday & Wednesday at 6 PM for F R E E yoga + live DJ on the Whole Foods rooftop at 525 N Lamar. All of February & March.

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 Mala Making Workshop


Join Alyson Atma Simms for a special workshop where you’ll learn not only how to use a mala, but also how to make your very own! This yogini is an expert on malas and has been making, selling, and teaching about malas world-wide.  You may have already experienced some of her malas at Black Swan Yoga.

Everything you need to make your very own 27-bead wrist mala will be provided. While you are crafting your sacred jewelry, you will learn about the history of malas, the various ways to work with your mala, the energetic properties of various woods and gems that can be used, and the planetary properties of each finger used to move your mala.
Lastly, you will get to practice using your mala with traditional yoga mantras.

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Yoga to Benefit Refugees


Connect with your community by learning about local refugees and Caritas of Austin, a nonprofit helping refugees from around the world resettle in the heart of Texas.

This event will include a short discussion followed by an hour yoga practice focused on opening your heart.

All donations will be given to Caritas of Austin. See you on the mat!

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Second Saturdays


Second Saturdays at BSY will be a 75 minute yoga party to today’s best musical artists. Stay after to hang out and make new friends in your community as well as  try local products from rotating vendors. Come enjoy your Saturday with us at BSY!

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Beginners Series Workshop


Nathan Wisdom explores the fundamentals with these beginner practices designed to help you feel brighter and more clear. In this series we will look at ways to find a comfortable seat, basic sun salutations, beginner backbends, breath awareness, meditation, and various breakdowns of common postures. Join us for all 6, or stop by for the class you’re most interested in!

  • April 11th Foundations: In this class: Nathan walks us through how to find a comfortable seated position with the support of props. We will also explore a practice designed to open and stretch the feet in order to create a solid and steady foundation, as well as discover simple breath awareness and sense organ softening techniques.
  • April 13th Basic Sun Salutations: Nathan guides us in a basic and accessible Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) practice, breaking down the movements with the breath.
  • April 18th Supported Standing Postures: Nathan guides us in a detailed and approachable sequence of standing postures, using the support of props to guide our journey.
  • April 20th Side Facing Standing Poses: Nathan shares a sequence of common side facing standing postures designed to open the outer hips and inner thighs.
  • April 25th Ecstatic Hips: Through clear and concise instruction, Nathan leads us through seated, standing, and balancing postures with a focus on safely finding space in our hips.

April 27th Backbending for Beginners: Nathan guides us in a backbending practice designed to open our chest, shoulders, and back body safely.

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Arm Balance Workshop


This will be an all levels arm balance workshop. The workshop will start with a brief overview of the anatomy of arm balances, a flow that will warm and prepare the body for deeper poses, and then finally a playful exploration of arm balances for all levels. So excited to fly with you all! — Michelle Young

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Higher Veda


HigherVeda is a conversation on cannabis consumption in the modern world and the positive effects it can have on your yoga practice.

We will have a  30 minute talk, 60 minute practice, followed by an open forum. Texas legal CBD products donated by Cosmic Cowboy ATX with yoga and curated consumption on the backbone of Ayurveda.

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