Chakra Flow

Join Sonali and Black Swan Yoga Anderson every Sunday March 7 through April 18th 1:15 for Chakra Flow.

Our chakras are the energy centers that run from the base of the spine to the crown of our head. These wheels of life offer an exploration into the Self.
Through asana, pranayama, self-study, and heightened awareness Sonali will guide you one chakra at a time to access each energy center.

*Donation Based Yoga

Gong Relaxation

Join Kaylee every 1st Saturday each month for gong bath at Black Swan Yoga Westgate. April 3rd at 6pm will blend a mixture of gentle movement, relaxation techniques (including but not limited to meditation, soothing pranayama, and Yoga Nidra), and sound therapy (via polysymphonic gong and singing bowls). The gong is a powerful tool that produces sounds and vibrations that wash through layers of stress and tension in your system. The resonating sound waves of the gong offer the opportunity to release on a physical, mental, emotional, and/or energetic level. The experience, though shared with a community, is unique and personal to each individual. The gong meets you right where you are, reaches out for your hand, and guides you into a journey of deep relaxation. You are asked to simply do your best to surrender and receive.

Please BYOP (bring your own props/pillow/blanket to help you get cozy).

We will be socially distanced in studio and as there will be no physical efforting – please wear a mask. This will allow everyone to feel more at ease in the space. The capacity for this in-person event is 30 spots, so please pre-register online!

RSVP for limited in studio spaces

* Ticket Price $25

The Art Of Opening: Myofascial Release Workshop

Take time to do something good for your body. Join Angelena Saturday, April 10th 7P at BSY Westgate. Practice self-care using the tool of a tennis ball. Myofascial release techniques for everyday use. All practitioners will go home with a personal tennis ball to continue the practice at home. Learn. Open. Release. Restore. Renew

Myofascial release is…. Releasing the connective tissue woven between and around the muscle and is what wraps our muscles and organs to our skeletal system. The tennis ball is a simple and effective tool to access hard-to-reach areas of the body. When the body can release, the nervous system starts to regulate itself. The effect is an overall sense of wellbeing and peace of mind. We will focus on the feet, low back, hips, glutes, shoulders, and hands. These areas of the body are most active throughout the day and therefore require regular self-care. Learn how to release stagnation and tension from the body. Use simple and effective exercises to clear and soothe your system. Develop a home practice from the techniques you learn and create variations to serve your needs. The practice will end with a guided meditation to clear blockages from the body and mind. Making space for restoration and nurturing of the systems. This practice is accessible to all ages, sizes, and genders.

*Ticket Price $25, tennis ball included

Nite Vibes

✨NiteVibes✨ will be a 90-minute class accompanied with live music – this will be a VinYin style class with the first 60 minutes being a high energy, fun flow with beats to match, and for the remaining 30 minutes we’ll get into some juicy stretching and sound bath restorative vibes. ⁣ 
RSVP Space is limited✨

*Ticket Price $25

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Join Bridgid April 17th for crystal bowl sound healing at Black Swan Yoga Anderson at 7PM. Take some time out for yourself. You’ll be guided into a few restorative yoga postures to enhance your receptivity so that you can soak in the vibrations from the singing bowls. Tune out the rest of the world and restore your own energy and vitality. Please BYOP (bring your own props/pillow/blanket to help you get cozy). We will be socially distanced in studio and as there will be no physical efforting – please wear a mask.
This will allow everyone to feel more at ease in the space.

RSVP for limited in studio spaces.
* Ticket Price $25

Goddess Collective Workshop

Dance, laugh, cry and rise up together as sisters of this Earth✨
Every 4th Friday Join Erikka for a monthly Goddess Collective Workshop! Come practice where a safe container of sister goddesses will be created and held in honor of you. Get primal on your mat and find freedom in yourself, as we step forth into the powerful feminine divine to welcome your inner goddess. Explore your body through sensual movement and see the deeper connection to your wild roots. We are women, hear us roar! Bring your journal, your mat, and anything else you would like to bring to get yourself comfortable. See you then!

* Ticket Price $25

All Pride, No Ego Flow

Join Marco for our monthly All Pride, No Ego Flow 💕 Saturday 4:30pm 👉 at BSY Orchard this April🔥

Black Swan Yoga is a safe place for everyone and we are welcoming our LGBTQIA+ community with open arms to join us for our newest class on the schedule: All Pride, No Ego! BGY celebrates LOVE is LOVE and we are PROUD to join you in all the colors of the rainbow. So grab your yoga mat, dress in your favorite yoga pants, and get ready for our teacher of the month’s pride playlist!

*Donation Based Yoga

Full Moon Flow + Sound Experience

Full Moon Flow is a lunar ceremony in which we celebrate & connect with our true selves in accordance with the cycles of the moon. Thor will guide the collective through meditation, self-reflection journaling, and a gentle yoga practice accompanied by the healing Sounds of special guests Natalie and Michael. In addition to your mat, please bring journal, writing utensil and sacred object for your moon altar (stone, feather, photo, leaf, etc).

– Guided meditation
– Self-reflection journaling
-Mindful movement
-Sound experience

*Ticket Price $25

Easy Tiger Yoga

Sunrise yoga at Easy Tiger on South Lamar. This is the perfect way to start your day outside with mother nature, a solid Patsy yoga flow, and tunes. The cherry on top grab yourself a cup of coffee and keep the vibes going through the rest of your day. 

* Donation Based Yoga

Rooftop Yoga

at the Riley Building

Year-round Outdoor Yoga every Sunday at 10:30AM on the rooftop of The Riley Building, in partnership with Black Swan Yoga and Austin Private Yoga

  • Heaters, fans, and retractable roofing for open-air
  • Masks required
  • Limited capacity
  • Physically distanced, socially connected
  • Pre-registration and contactless payment only
  • Bring your own mat
  • DONATION-based!

Yoga in the Yard

The Far out Lounge + Black Swan Yoga Collaboration

Donate your time, money, and get involved🙏

We are excited to share that we are connecting with our friends @thefaroutaustin

We are also proud to be serving Try Hard Coffee starting this Sunday! Founded in 2020, Try Hard Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and cafe in the good ol’ heart of Austin, TX. Their mission and involvement with the Austin music scene is impressive and it was a clear no brainer that they would be a perfect coffee partner for The Far Out! Their team will be onsite with some swag and bags so go over and be sure to say haaaaaaayyyyyy.

All donations for April will benefit Asian Family Support Services of Austin (AFSSA), a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas, that provides assistance to Asian and other immigrant families dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking.

Per usual, yogis who donate over $10 will receive a JuneShine, a Black Swan Yoga class pass as well as Far Out Lounge “One Drink on Us” card.

We encourage attendees to donate at least $10 to the Black Mama’s ATX and be sure to bring your own yoga mat and water bottle 🙂

In other news, Possom Posse will take the stage from 1:00 p.m. – 3 p.m. ! Come hang, listen to some tunes, drink some dranks and enjoy an awesome brunch courtesy of Fowl Mouth.


The venue is outdoors and will be socially-distanced table seating only. There are no tickets, the show is donation-based and the suggested donation is $5 per person at the door; paid in cash/credit.

*Yoga in the Yard is a weather-permitting event!


Workshop / Events FAQ

Whats the cost?
Non member pricing $25
Member pricing $17.50

What happens when I can no longer make the workshop/event?
Contact customer service at Students can cancel and receive a credit for an event or workshop up until the event begins.