Tantra Yoga Workshop

Tantra is the practice of merging the Self with Infinite Consciousness. Tantra uses pranayama, movement, meditation, sensation, and somatic play as a means to activate kundalini, move energy, humble the ego, and expand the heart and mind, resulting in miraculous personal development. Love is highly transformative, and with the help of tantrik practices, we cultivate more potent, ecstatic love and enthusiasm to fuel a beautiful life. No partner required!

Come get super charged on ~prana~ and find out what this mysterious branch of yoga is all about! Whether you consider yourself a *beginner* or *advanced*, come raise your vibration and attune to the Universe.

Please wear something comfortable, and come prepared to have both an inward and outward journey. Expect individual, partner, and group exercises, energy work, and embodiment practices.

*Suggested Donation $20

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Our party kicks off at 6pm with yoga lead by Christine DLT (donation-based as always) with the theme of ’70’s funk! To kick off the block party we will have a fun karaoke battle the winner will be gifted a free month of yoga at BSY! Stick around because theres more…local vendors, face painting by Erikka Walor, delish veggies from Imperfect Produce, a trunk show from Outdoor Voices, and a sparkler run at the end of the night at 8:45. Come one, come all, and celebrate our community with a block party! See you there, Swans!

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Gong Bath and Yoga Nidra

Join Steven & Gillian for a transformational experience! We will start with some gentle movement to prepare the body for relaxation, followed first by a gong bath by Steven & end with yoga nidra by Gillian.

Gong Baths are one of the most soothing, body detoxing vibrational ancient tools. A gong bath or gong sound meditation is a sound massage for the body and mind, that is working directly on your nervous system. The power of gong helps us to easily settle into stillness & release stress in a way that is deeply nurturing, rejuvenating and transformative.

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that helps to test & restore the body. In sanskrit the word “Nidra” means “sleep”. This practice of meditation helps guide the brain through the typical patterns of sleep. Through nidra it’s possible to help release stress & anxiety. It’s also said that one hour of yoga nidra is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep!

This will truly be an experience. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated, rested, & restored!

*Suggested Donation $20

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Steel Mace Workshop

Ready to shake off that Turkey coma?! Join Gypsy for a 2 1/2 hour Steel
Mace workshop! Wether you’re new to the mace or already have a growing practice, this workshop is for you!
What you’ll learn:
*Open Chain Mobility Warm up and Cool Down
* Recognize and correct Structural imbalances in the body
*Proper Hand placement and Fluid Movement Transition
*Create a Flow


Throughout the duration of this workshop you will learn how to effectively prep and cool down the body, become familiar with the coaching cue language used by the Hot Onnit coaches as well as how to safely and fluidly move with the mace while maintaining structural integrity and tension. The workshop will close with a free flow session where students will have the chance to put their new skill set to work and create their own Mace Movement. Are you Down to Flow?

*Suggested Donation $20

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