Benefit Class for Claire


It’s time to come together and help support this bright and shining angel to get her back on her feet. For all of you who know Claire Asmann, you know that she generously dedicates every ounce of her contagious energy and radiantly glowing heart to others. She shares her love and light with all of her yogis, friends, family, employees, partners, and even strangers. This girl is the reason Black Swan Yoga was created in Houston after her years of dedication to BSY Austin. This girl is the reason we are able to bring the life-changing BSY studios to Dallas, as well (soon to come).

On Friday, December 15th, Claire experienced a double stroke on her right and left sides. After 5 days in the hospital with doctors running every test known to mankind, it’s been diagnosed that she was born with a hole in her heart between the left and right atrium. This is extremely rare and from here on out, will entail extensive cardiologist evaluation and further medical care.

Black Swan Yoga is hosting a charity yoga class on January 2nd, 2018 at Orchard Studio Downtown, 7:30 pm led by Madilyn McCarthy.

Every dollar will be donated to Claire’s Medical Bill and Black Swan Yoga will match 100% of your donations. For those of you who cannot be at the class, the fund is set up for you to still be able to be there in spirit through your contributions. Every dollar counts!!!!

We hope to see you on January 2nd but if you can’t make it, we completely understand!

Donate to Claire’s GoFundMe here.

Ignite Your Core: Uddiyana Bandha


In this workshop, we will learn how to fire up & utilize our abdominal lock (uddiyana bandha) through our physical yoga practice using props & experiential core work. By the end of this workshop not only will you have a better understanding of how to use your bandhas & core to support your practice, you’ll also have gotten an awesome vinyasa practice. Make sure you bring lots of water – you’ll be sore the next day!

* Suggested Donation $20

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Restoring Gong Bath


Come, rest & give your body the healing practice of a gong bath.

It’s called a “gong bath,” and despite the name, there is no water or nudity involved. 😉 Instead, a group of people lay on the ground in a supported position while someone serenades you with the soothing sound waves from the gong.

Gong Baths are one of the most soothing, body detoxing vibrational ancient tools. A gong bath or gong sound meditation is a sound massage for the body and mind, that is working directly with your nervous system.The power of gong helps us to easily settle into stillness & release stress in a way that is deeply nurturing, rejuvenating and transformative.

Join Steven and Christine A. for an afternoon of magic & healing! Christine will lead you through a super slow & gentle flow, followed by a short breathing practice. After Steven will serenade you with the soothing sounds of the gong while Christine will be offering gentle massage. Sign me up!!

* Suggested Donation $20

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Costa Rica: Adventures, Workshops, & All the YOGA


Join the Black Swan Yogis, Claire Victoria Asmann, Kimberly Joy Lipson, and Noah Villalobos for a week long Costa Rican adventure! You will be immersed in all of the yoga you can handle including an arm balance, inversion, and Acro yoga workshop. You will experience daily yoga classes including flow classes, restorative yin, and chakra alignment. Aside from yoga, we will explore the Costa Rican vibes within both the jungle and the beach. Adventures will include hiking, the beach, and many more excursions! In addition to yoga and adventures, our retreat package includes all meals and stay! 🐚 For questions & more info please email!


30 Day Challenge


We see you 2018! Join Patsy Springer and Jennifer Turner for an empowering 30 DAY CHALLENGE for all Black Swan Yoga Members!! Not a member? NO PROBLEM! Sign up online for an unlimited month of yoga for only $88/month and this will be included! Cancel anytime, no contracts, no fuss, just awesome yoga the way BSY does it!

Challenge Starts January 8th! The goal? Mix, mingle and get woke with your fellow Black Swan yogis!

We will meet every Friday 7PM at Westgate January 12th, 19th, 26th and February 2nd for FOUR AMAZING FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIALS where we’ll come together for guided conversation, inspiring and fostering goals for the new year ahead!



Journey Through Space


Come experience a slow flow to the music of DJ trap featuring Bridgid Bibbens on electric violin. This will be an hour of relaxing, all levels vinyasa, following by some intense breathwork and ending with a guided meditation.

All levels welcome!

* Suggested Donation $20

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Workout Anywhere: Essential Bodyweight Exercises


If you’ve ever started a solid workout routine and had it interrupted by travel, or other schedule conflicts, here are some exercises to keep you strong, flexible and mobile that can be done without equipment or a studio. Designed with posture and alignment in mind, Sean will focus on efficient movement patterns to maximise your time and effort.

We will also use a water bottle (preferably metal) as a prop for balancing, mobility work and massage. Students can bring their own or purchase one from BSY for a great discount!

* Suggested Donation $20

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Take Your Practice Upside Down


We’ll spend the first 30 minutes flowing and exploring the movements in your regular practice that will help you strengthen your inversion practice. After we get warmed, we’ll try a variety of core strengthening drills that you should be practicing regularly, and some stretches to keep the hands, wrists, feet, and ankles healthy! We will then practice getting upside down with a variety of solo and partner drills, we will build our Inversion practice from shoulder stand to headstand, to forearm stand, and culminating with the king of all inversions, the handstand!

This workshop will focus equally on all of these inversions and discuss why practicing all of them will help your handstand practice tremendously! Come play with us, and expect to make some new friends and increase your knowledge significantly in your inversion practice!

Co-taught by Andrea Taylor (@move_yo_asana) and Hannah Haller (@gypsyon__)

* Suggested Donation $20

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