Intro to Ashtanga


In this workshop, we will discuss the ashtanga yoga method, how it works, etiquette in a Mysore room, and what to expect. We will discuss Surya Namaskara A and B, the standing postures, and set you up to feel comfortable in a Mysore setting. Leave your expectations at the door and try not to attach yourself to a number of postures. This workshop is intended for beginners or beginner minds. It’s intended to help you feel comfortable with a beginner friendly practice that you can take with you to a Mysore room, where you will be able to expand and grow over time. Bring a mat, we’ll be practicing! Hope to see you there!

* Suggested Donation $20



Clear, Balance & Awaken Your Chakras



In this workshop, we will take a deep dive into the Chakra System, or seven energy centers of the body as first referenced in the Vedas of India thousands of years ago. Participants will learn their significance, where imbalances contribute to discord and even dis-ease, and finally how to bring about balance, healing, and harmony to potentiate your best life. Energy healing tools, vibrational sound instruments, crystals, color therapy, and guided visualizations will be used. This workshop is open to all and will benefit everyone! You will walk away with applicable knowledge and insight to not only yourself but also all your relations. Learning to clear and balance your Chakra System is a lifelong practice and indispensable tool to manifest more peace, ease, empowerment, and awakening!

My goal is that you will not only be able to find harmony within yourself but also be able to share this beautiful practice with your friends, family and even children. Please bring a journal and pen to take notes. We will not be practicing, so wear comfy clothes to sit in. Meditation included 🙂

* Suggested Donation $20


Arm Balances & Inversions Workshop


In this workshop, we will begin with a brisk warm-up in the Vinyasa style to get the blood pumping, followed by detailed breakdowns of several arm balance and inversion poses. The sequencing is designed to challenge and inspire you. With a willingness to try something new, you will take your practice to the next level. Just a few of the poses covered will be
Crow/Side Crow, Flying Pigeon, Firefly, Kundinyasana 1 and 2, Grasshopper, Eight Angle Pose, Scorpion, Wheel, and Headstand.

After the inversions, we will end the class with a few restorative poses to return the body to a calm state. A fun and rewarding experience, this class will leave you feeling fresh and accomplished.

* Suggested Donation $20


Costa Rica: Adventures, Workshops, & All the YOGA


Join the Black Swan Yogis, Claire Victoria Asmann, Kimberly Joy Lipson, and Noah Villalobos for a week long Costa Rican adventure! You will be immersed in all of the yoga you can handle including an arm balance, inversion, and Acro yoga workshop. You will experience daily yoga classes including flow classes, restorative yin, and chakra alignment. Aside from yoga, we will explore the Costa Rican vibes within both the jungle and the beach. Adventures will include hiking, the beach, and many more excursions! In addition to yoga and adventures, our retreat package includes all meals and stay! 🐚 For questions & more info please email!