Road Trip Yoga – No Mat Required

Cruising with the windows down, jammin’ to your favorite tunes, eye candy all around. I LOVE road trips. There is something so freeing about the open road. Road trips are a great way to clear your mind, see the entire country, and connect with a friend or loved one. Road trips rock.

Chakra Rainbow Quinoa Salad

This colorful quinoa salad is packed with nutrients that will leave your energetic body feeling fantastic. It is the perfect way to uplift your physical, emotional, and spiritual state to conquer the day! Put on some tunes or an awesome podcast and get to cooking!

Shamanic Breath Work Retreat Review

Noah Villalobos, President of Black Swan Yoga and Rabah Rahil, Director of Content at Onnit, go into a deep dive into Noah’s recent breath work retreat. We talk about yoga, the importance of breath and what goes into a Shamanic Breath Work Workshop. Enjoy and leave some love in the comments if you ever so please.

Essential Oils: Which Ones Should I Get?

First, let me explain what these miracles in a bottle are. Essential oils are extracted from plants and herbs. They are taken from the roots, leaves, seeds, and blossoms of plants with their own active ingredients. Some oils are used to calm the senses and relax you. These oils are also used for aromatherapy and massage. Other oils may be used topically for healing wounds and infections as well as treating swelling and fungus.

Stop Making Excuses, Start Doing Yoga

I’ve heard plenty of excuses about why people don’t do yoga. The truth is, nothing should stop you from starting one of the most beneficial practices there is. So if you’ve heard any of these excuses (or if you’ve thought them yourself), start thinking more positively and get into yoga.

Spotify Playlist • Natural Blues

Natural Blues is the perfect prescription going into the Fourth of July festivities. This 26 song behemoth will keep the party going well into the second keg. This eclectic mix of Pretty Lights, Moby, Thievery Corporation and more, explores the auditory freedom that our forefathers allowed us. So press play, light your sparkler and crack open a refreshing beverage while Natural Blues pours through the speakers. Happy Fourth of July All!

Eat Consciously • Diet of a Modern Day Yogi

Choose to give thanks and enjoy every item you are lucky enough to consume. Rather than dreading a vegetable or being sad that you can’t eat Chocolate Cake for breakfast, celebrate the good things! Remember how maintaining a healthy diet is impacting your body, your brain, your community, and your planet! Now go forth and crave consciously!

Spotify Playlist • Smooth Beats

Smooth Beats dispenses with the four play early and jumps straight into beat filled chaos created by Claptone, Alex Justino and more. The relentless ability for this playlist to keep your toe tapping and fist pumping is unrivaled. Smooth Beats is not a balance of fast and slow, but rather a pace all its own. Listen at your own risk 😉