Go With the Flow: A Crash Course on Flow Yoga

Life can be fast or slow. Life can be challenging or easy. Life can be beautiful or ugly. Sometimes it is a combination of both. Just like Yin and Yang, each opposing side is one within the other. It’s up to us to find the magic in all things, whether we initially perceive them to be good or bad.

What the Hell Leggings Do I Wear?

Gone are the days where you put a random old t-shirt and faded black leggings on. It’s sad, but true. Fashion and style has made a huge impact on the workout community and it’s not cheap either. But it can be reasonable, if you do some research and ask around.

What is Shamanic Breathwork and Why am I doing it?

Breath is a central aspect of every waking moment for yogis. Through conscious breathing, I have found inner peace and connectedness with the fact that life is happening right now. The entire mission of Black Swan Yoga is to bring conscious breathing to as many humans as possible, because that will make the world a better place.

Top 5 Pods for the Yogi Soul

Podcasts are a great alternative to listening to the radio during long commutes, or while you’re cleaning your house, cooking, or even during exercise! They can be very informative, so you can keep your body busy while maintaining an engaged mind. You can improve your mind while you’re improving your body. There are many topics in the iTunes podcast library, and you are sure to find one that will change your life. Here are my favorite 5 podcasts to listen to.

Yoga: Better Together

Yoga is a social scene. No matter how “inward” you go, the experience is heightened by the other inwardly-seeking people all around you. Things are better when you share them with others, and yoga is no exception.

Book Review – Sleep Smarter

Today, these go getters expect a gold star sticker on their report card for staying up late and doing something they feel is more productive than sleep. Unfortunately, they are committing one of the most counter productive crimes to their health, punishable to the fullest extent.

Spotify Playlist – Melted Corners

This ruminating jam sesh will keep you on an even keel with a bit of spice when you need it. LCD Soundsystem mashed with Beck, Ryan Adams and more create a glorious cacophony of rad tunes. Melted Corners will take you to the intersection of happiness and relaxation. So sit back and be prepared to be transported.

Five Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life

Oohhhh yoga! How is it that this practice can be so full of amazing benefits?

Yoga teachers will often tell you that whatever you learn on your mat can be taken off the mat, but it can also be taken to the bedroom.

Spotify Playlist – Electric Flow

This eclectic mix will have you tapping your toes and pumping your fists. It starts right in with energy and power. The flow of this jam session will wash you right into auditory heaven. Just as the adrenaline is maxed out and the energy levels start to wane, Electric Flow gently lowers you into a peaceful serenity.