Yoga: Better Together

Yoga is a social scene. No matter how “inward” you go, the experience is heightened by the other inwardly-seeking people all around you. Things are better when you share them with others, and yoga is no exception.

Here are a few reasons why yoga is better together!

You are pushed beyond the normal spectrum of effort available when practicing by yourself

With a bunch of people around doing the same thing, peer pressure takes over and you push yourself to go further. This group environment brings out the best in your practice. With motivated people all around, the collective energy increases rapidly, extracting that little bit of extra umph that would not have been a consideration if practicing alone.

If you’re a beginner, someone else probably knows what the heck the teacher just said

A lot of the times the people next to you can serve as great examples of what you should be doing with your body! Like a flock of birds, students in a class transmit their movements to and from each other, constantly refining and building the group energy and direction. Join the flock and start to mimic your surroundings! Learning from a good example can be better than any cue from an instructor.

You can talk about how awesome it is afterwards

If you’ve had friends for a while, sometimes there are a surprisingly small amount of things left to talk about! Don’t worry though. If you and your friends do yoga, every time you go together, you can always talk about how awesome yoga makes you feel. Since yoga is infinite in its progression, there’s no need to fear another dinner without topics for discussion.

More people = more energy

Typical heated classes rely on a heating unit to artificially warm up a room. Packed classes need very little artificial heating since a room full of human bodies creates enough energy to raise the temperature.

“It’s gettin hot in hurrr” – Nelly

Natural heating is better because we don’t have to use energy produced by polluting fossil fuels. Instead, a huge class uses the energy of burgers and tequila consumed from the weekend before to heat everyone up to that yogasmic sweat level where everything is dripping!

Yoga changes the world faster when more people do it

Each and every yoga class is like one of those old school Viking ships. Everybody is doing their part to row. What are we rowing inside of? Collective consciousness of course!

Instead of pedals in the water, we move breath through our lungs, building a collective awareness towards the fact that life is happening. The more people breathing, the more momentum built. When the world starts taking more conscious breaths, people will understand how awesome this happening is! Then we’ll realize we’re making the happening happen, and we have the power to change what happens! ….Woah.

Nothing feels better than letting a big loud breath go with everyone

Sometimes, when the yoga served up gets heavy, a massive group sigh can be the best way to collectively voice the mutual suffering everyone is experiencing. Now that you know everyone is having just as difficult of a time, you don’t feel so bad. It’s also just nice to breathe really loud around other people and not get looked at like you’re a weirdo! The safe environment of a yoga class allows you to LET IT GO!

A bunch of scantily clad, sweaty people… Sounds like a great place to make new friends

The boundaries are broken down in a yoga class. Chances are, you’ve seen what this other human has packin, so you can both get on with a healthy relationship without constantly pondering what this person looks like without any clothes. Skip the niceties and meet your potential friends half naked first! You’d be surprised how real the relationship is after this kind of introduction.