When to take a rest day

I was motivated to write this blog because, well, I’m sick! I’ve had to take the last two days to rest and I intend to take it day by day so that I am listening to my body and not forcing it. The importance of rest days are critical and it can be challenging to our ego especially if we are on a strict workout routine. I’ll be honest, I’m already thinking I can probably workout tomorrow, but is it the best idea? You might ask yourself the same question sometimes. Here, I’ll list out a few instances when I personally would take a rest day. Of course, my body will be different than everybody else’s so I will always say listen to your body. You know it better than anyone so just respect it!

When you’re sick. Many resource’s say to scan your body and notice where it is that’s causing you ailment. If you’re sick from the neck up such as sneezing, runny nose then normally it’s okay to give yourself a light workout. You don’t want to be that one person sneezing the whole time in a yoga class, however, so maybe go for a more upbeat workout! If you’re sickness is from the neck below like aches, fever, stomach ache, swollen lymph nodes than most professionals would tell you to sit your workouts out for a couple days until you’re better. You can do more harm than good at this point.

When you’re doing a cleanse. Like anything, you have to modify it towards you’re own body and lifestyle. Some cleanses may even come with instructions that they think is wise for you to follow. You’re body, depending on what kind of cleanse will be running on lower energy than normal. The first couple days may feel fine but towards the end you may feel a lot more tired. I would say, listen to you’re body. Only you know what is best for it and if you absolutely need to do something, do some yoga at home where you’re safe and sound!

When you’re at that time of the month. This ones a bit controversial, in the yoga world at least. You shouldn’t do inversions, you should have an intense practice, you should do inversions, you should only do a mellow practice. AH! Too many opinions in my opinion. Every girl has a different experience with their cycle. Some girls can not even get out of bed, in that case, don’t practice. Some girls you would never know the difference, in that case, sure, go practice! Some of the main symptoms is bloating, water retention, and cramping, all I know is you won’t find me in a yoga studio or gym if I’m experiencing any of that!

When you’re jetlagged. There’s two things I don’t recommend doing when you are jetlagged and that is drinking alcohol and working out. I’m not talking about jetlagged by flying from the east coast to the west coast. I’m talking about flying from halfway around the world, that’s where you get loopy. A light run, walk, or yoga I think will be fine especially if you need to stretch you’re muscles out but the tough workouts can wait. Get back into your routine slowly and with grace!

No reason at all! Look, some days you just need a damn break! If you are trying to dig up a good reason for you not to workout but know deep down you just don’t want to, that’s ok! No reason is the best reason. Enjoy your day off!