What the Hell Leggings Do I Wear?

Gone are the days where you put a random old t-shirt and faded black leggings on. It’s sad, but true. Fashion and style has made a huge impact on the workout community and it’s not cheap either. But it can be reasonable, if you do some research and ask around.

Here’s the low down on some options for every type of need:

Best bang for your buck!

Fabletics. If you haven’t checked this out, I would get on it. It’s a program where you are sent an email with different outfits that suit your style. They range from around $49.95- $79.95. Some even come with 3 pieces. Oh, and your first outfit is just $25! www.fabletics.com

Calling all marathoners!

Have to say Lululemon knows what’s up for the runners out there. They make their leggings with Full-on Luxtreme which is a firm and tight material. It also feels cool, so it’s great for when you sweat. They have many pockets for the essentials in all the right places. But they can get expensive – up to $118. www.lululemon.com

So you got style?

Then you should definitely hit up Teeki. Not only are they eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic bottles, they’ve got a crazy cool vibe about them. They are very boho, hippie, loud, eccentric, and overall badass! They are at the top for me when it comes to vinyasa style classes. Prices go up to $82.  www.teeki.com

“I just want to be comfortable.”

Well, look no further. Beyond yoga is beyond comfortable. Like I said, ain’t nothin cheap any more but, you can be certain that these babies will last you a while. The fabric is to die for and it doesn’t hug anywhere too close. I wouldn’t recommend them for hot yoga, but they’re perfect for a nice yin class. www.beyondyoga.com

Girl, do you even lift?

Let’s go back to the start – the ones who started it all really. Nike. They are the ultimate “workout” leggings for crossfit, running, circuit training, bootcamp, and everything else that’s out there that calls for high intensity, movement, and sweat. They used to be pretty basic. But now, they listened to demand and have funky prints and colors. Go wild! www.nike.com

Hot, sweaty yoga.

If you’re a bikram groupie, or ever walked into a bikram style class then you probably noticed some high school volleyball style hot shorts. It’s fair game in a 115 degree room. Yippee! Luckily, there’s an awesome brand that makes super cute and stylish shorts called Onzie, and reasonably priced too! They are for the bold. But hey, we only live once! www.onzie.com


Well I couldn’t write this whole blog about leggings (what I wear daily) and not buy a pair now could I? After long consideration, I went for comfort and bought Beyond Yoga leggings!