Top Insta Yogi Accounts to Follow

Is it just me or is yoga literally popping off on Instagram? It is the latest and greatest. What’s great about it is that it’s actually getting people to do yoga! Not just strike a pose, but actually sit down for an hour and do yoga. I wonder how many people there actually is that started practicing because of a yogi they started following. It does help when you are scrolling through instagram and you see a ripped, lean guy doing the most insane handstand press ever. Everyone’s gotta think in some way “I wanna be able to do that.” Right?! Maybe that’s just me.

So who are these people that have millions of followers and all they’re famous for is doing yoga? They are ordinary people, just like you and me. But they came out during the peak time of instagram and came out strong. Let me introduce you to a few of the top accounts that have inspired the world to do yoga!


yogiaccounts2Rachel Brathen @yoga_girl

Well, she’s got the title. She literally is yoga girl. I don’t even know if people refer to her as Rachel. She is a Swedish born beautiful blondie who lives in Aruba with her husband, Dennis, and lots and lots of doggies. This girl lets you into her world. Whether it has to do with yoga or struggles in her life, whatever is the topic, its the honest truth. She gets some heat because of her honesty, but she always stands up for herself and that’s why she has 1.5 million followers. Her pictures aren’t always beautiful handstands on the beach, but her life. I had the pleasure of going to one of her workshops she did in Austin, TX. Her words will make you hair rise and eyes well up. She has a way with life, that makes you happy about your own.



Kino MacGregor @kinoyoga

The ultimate Ashtanga yogi! This is the account you get to and you’re jaw just drops. She puts herself into the craziest poses that actually take a minute to understand and then somehow always manages to have a genuine smile on her face. She’s a talented little thing, but she always reminds her 801,000 followers that she didn’t get to where she’s at overnight. She lives in Miami, FL with her husband, Tom. She co-founded the Miami Life Center where she spends most her time, and the other portion of the time, she’s traveling the world spreading yoga and light. Kino studied in India many times so is very knowledgeable about Ashtanga yoga. I recommend reading her book, “The Power of Ashtanga Yoga”. She inspired me to start my own personal practice!



Carson Clay Calhoun @carsonclaycalhoun

And then there’s Carson, an amazingly talented and strong yogi. Carson does a little of the unconventional type of stuff. Anything is a possibility for Carson and his practice. He’s a young, handsome man from Arlington, VA. He travels around the world doing workshops for different studios and shares his knowledge of handstands and advanced poses. He came to our studio, Black Swan Yoga, recently and led everyone though a very strong and fun handstand workshop. Everyone walked out the room dripping of sweat and glowing! Join the other 107,000 followers and be blown away by his posts.


Caitlin Turner @gypsetgoddess

This long legged beauty has 255,000 followers. Her posts are of her doing handstands and backbends are so graceful that you want to keep looking at what else she can do. She is from Arizona but recently moved to California. She is a certified yoga teacher and blogger, however, she just taught her first class in over 3 years recently. She’s very honest about her life and her struggles. She told the world on snapchat about why she took some time off teaching and how excited she was to get back into it. Go Caitlin! She’s an ambassador for many yoga clothing brands and gets to travel the world in style. I actually ran into her in Koh Samui, Thailand when I was there visiting recently. I had to go meet her and tell her what a fan I am of hers. She is as beautiful and sweet in person as she looks in her pictures.


yogiaccounts6Laura Sykora @laurasykora

Laura is a wife, a mother, and a badass yogi! Her strength and flexibility does not go unnoticed by 1.1 million followers. In a lot of her pictures her daughter, who she calls her mini, makes an appearance. A very cute appearance. Laura is the co-founder of Two Fit Moms and also an Acro Vinyasa Instructor. Two Fit Moms is a website dedicated to one living a healthy and active lifestyle, check it out! Her feed is no doubt amazing, it almosts makes you just want to quit what you’re doing and try it. I don’t advise it though without warming up!