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I started taking heated yoga classes in Houston 10 years ago as something new to try and instantly found I was passionate about moving into the postures while engulfed in the heat. I stayed consistent for a few years, then life kinda got in the way and my practice fell to the wayside. After I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and Hashimotos in 2015, I was physically, mentally and emotionally a wreck. I kept thinking I needed to do something for myself to help with my health and anxiety and when I moved to San Antonio in 2016, I was reminded of my love of yoga and decided to go to teacher training. My training is in Ashtanga but found I enjoyed teaching strong flow and strong vinyasa incorporating ab work and trying new movements in balancing postures. I encourage my students to have fun in their practice, maybe snapping their fingers along to the beat and being willing to try new things with an open mind. I find I’m always a better teacher when I’m a student on my mat, so you will see me taking class at the studio every chance I get. I’m stoked beyond belief to be part of the Black Swan community and cannot wait to create space and share energy soon!