Rachel W


Instagram:  @rachelfury

I believe that yoga is for everybody and every body and my goal in each class is to help you strengthen body and mind through lighthearted and recharging asana. I discovered the transformational power of Yoga in 2011 after sustaining a running injury. To say I was reticent to try Yoga was an understatement. That first Vinyasa Flow class was a gamechanger. I left that class realizing that for that entire blessed hour I had not thought about one single worry occurring outside of that studio. I was hooked. My initial 200hr yoga teacher training marked my first foray into the health and wellness arena, since then I have; completed certifications in health and run coaching, founded a successful community-run group, co-lead November Project Austin, and captained winning relay race teams. I continued my yoga journey with my 300hr RY and prenatal yoga certification. Over the years I have studied under a variety of yoga traditions (Rocket, Budokon, Baptiste) that I integrate into my Vinyasa classes. Yoga brings much-needed stillness to my mind. A space to find a balance between "slow" and "go." My goal as a yoga teacher is to hold a space where students can connect to that meditative mindset, to help find a balance between their active daily life and mental calm. I believe a High Energy Vinyasa flow class has something to offer students of all abilities, levels, and bodies.