Rachel W


Instagram:  @rachelfury

Hello there! A small fact about me: I am not one to sit still in my daily life. Whether I'm up early co-leading a November Project workout, training for my next ultra-marathon, or spending my days working with active seniors, I generally keep pretty busy. But in 2011, yoga changed everything. I flirted with the practice earlier in my life, but my first teacher training brought blessed stillness to my mind and body. I began to find a balance between "slow" and "go." My goal as a yoga teacher is to help build a space where students can connect to that meditative mindset – to help find a balance between their active daily life and a mental calm. My initial training marked my first foray into the health and wellness arena; afterward, I completed certifications in health and run coaching and am now achieving my 300-hour yoga teacher certification. I believe that yoga is for everyone and every body and my goal in each class is to help you strengthen body and mind through lighthearted and recharging asana.