I first sought yoga in 2010 as a form of physical rehabilitation for severe chronic back pain. However, the day I fell in love with yoga was years later, when I finally learned how to breathe and still my mind as I moved. Learning to move with awareness and breath on my mat has taught me (and constantly reteaches me) how to move that way in life. I also frequently find myself in poses that require strength and flexibility that I once thought were impossible for my body to muster. The transformation is mind-body-life, and it's amazing. I completed my 200-hour certification in 2014, knowing I had to share this practice with as many people as possible. I believe that yoga is for everyone and every body. My classes are rooted in power vinyasa, but we will always come back to the breath with every movement, and we will always move mindfully. If you're on your mat and breathing, you are practicing yoga.