I don’t remember the moment yoga transformed from a hobby to a way of life. It must have worked its way in slowly. I took a yoga course in college and stumbled upon a wonderful teacher, who artfully worked meditation and satangs into her classes without explanation. I remember walking out of every class with this incredible glowing feeling. Before I realized what was happening, yoga began teaching me its lessons. Yoga taught me to recognize the story playing in my mind. It showed the feeling of surrender, and it gave me the tools to return to the present. Yoga taught me how to breath. As my practice grew over the years, I began teaching my friends whenever they would let me, and eventually decided to do my certification and fully pursue yoga as profession. After completing my yoga teacher training in 2016, I was fortunate to obtain a position as a core teacher at a large studio in California. I soon became the studio manager, continuing to teach weekly classes while overseeing the scheduling and management of a three-studio yoga center. As a yoga instructor, I aspire to truly embody the ideals I represent. I bring an authentic and heart-felt approach to my classes, and I enjoy connecting with my students.