My journey as a yoga guide began to unfold in 2011 while my husband and I were stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Being stripped from every comfort zone brought me to the depths of my soul. My adventures in teaching were inspired by the emerald and turquoise beaches teaching military members during my lunch breaks from being a Human Resources Recruiter. The practice of yoga became the most critical tool to help me heal my pain, trauma and cope with everyday stresses by allowing me to bring it all onto the mat then transforming it breath by breath. My passion for my souls work guided me to receive Warriors at Ease Training which enables me to provide an evidence-based, trauma-sensitive, meditation and breathing practice to benefit not only veterans and military members, but ALL PEOPLE. When coming to class you can expect an all encompassing experience where you can allow yourself to flow to the vibrations of uplifting beats and are encouraged to tune into your unique body, laugh, cry, connect and simply be your truest self. I can’t wait to meet you!!