Maddi Mae


Hi there! The most appealing part of yoga, for me, is the simplified parallels between yoga on and off the mat. Our bodies have a physiological way of manifesting that which we hold on to. This is what drew me in. Understanding the science of what harms the spirit can harm the body. I grew up as an intense competitor playing soccer (and any other sport to keep me busy). I had been fixed with a mind set of "sacrifice your body to win". this mind set, unfortunately and predictably, seeped into other aspects of my life such as relationships, work and most of all self-image. However, in yoga, you'll only beat yourself trying to win. I started practicing yoga in 2008 as a form of deep stretching to accompany strength and conditioning. I found myself craving the time of silence where I could self survey with gratitude and with no judgement or criticism. With that inquisitive nature, I found myself drawing parallels between what I was physically experiencing and what I was internally experiencing. I had been way to flexible, and ended up hurting myself diving into things and sacrificing self for an end goal... both on and off the mat. In the continuous journey of self discovery, I find joy in the divine and mundane aspects of life. Presence is a gift we give to ourselves and I get to witness this gift being given every time I teach. I received my 500 RYT certification in 2014 and have been teaching full time since. I balance my teaching between coaching for the physical edge with strength building asana and grounding breath guidance that evokes a peaceful present mind set. I occasionally add some Tai Chi influenced breath to embrace the temporary state of everything, so that one can find joy in both mundane and divine. My hopes as a teacher is to witness empowerment in those who may not see it at first. "One cannot find peace by avoiding life."- Virginia Woolf