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I was born in Jamaica and migrated to the U.S. as a child. My Midwestern mother and Jamaican father greatly influenced me with their unique view of the world. In January 2019, I took a huge leap and have returned to school to pursue nursing here in San Antonio. On 31 December 1999 (Y2K--remember that?!), in the middle of 'the sky is falling' chaos, I wandered into my first yoga class thinking “Bikram Yoga sounds like the perfect way to end the year and maybe my time on earth!” With absolutely no idea of what the class was about (I didn't even know it would be 105 degree HOT), I struggled through my first class. At the end, red faced and confused, I had fallen completely in love. Almost two decades later, I continue to apply myself to the study and practice of Bikram Yoga as well as Vinyasa and Power Yoga. The evolution from student to teacher seemed like a logical one. In Fall 2002, I graduated from Bikram's Yoga College of India and began my teaching journey. I have since moved forward with expanding my vision of education for teachers who wish to hone their craft. I conduct master classes, interactive classes, teacher workshops, and have competed in the USA Yoga Asana Championships (regionally and nationally). I am convinced that yoga is unrelenting in its ability to change the lives of practitioners. The benefits of a consistent practice range from health care, emotional well being, to spiritual enlightenment and I am determined to delve as deeply as my capabilities allow!