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The most important human function in this world is connection. It is something solely unique in the human race in that we can connect not only with ourselves but with others through our powers of communication as well as spiritual and physical means. Being connected not only makes us feel Great, it helps us accomplish the goals we want to in this life, because nobody is in this fight or this life alone. I am a Health Promotion/Kinesiology Major and Psychology Minor with a specialization as a Health Fitness Instructor who just finished my fifth and final year at the University of Texas at Austin. I played Rugby for UT for 4 years and also worked for the UT Mens Basketball Team as a primary Strength and Conditioning Trainer as well as a trainer for the UT faculty for the Fitness Institute of Texas. I love the body and dedicated my life to studying and understanding it and pushing myself to limits nobody thought a tall, lanky, extremely skinny kid from small town Texas could accomplish. However as I have gotten older I've become more interested in as I call it the Holy Trinity of balance between the Body, Spirit and Mind. Spending 10 days in the mountains of Australia in noble silence and solitude except for my lone spiritual guide educating me in the art of true meditation brought me to terms with who I am, what life is all about and what really matters in this world(and taught a hyperactive ADHD youngster about patience). Happiness, love, laughter, connection and the balance of mind, body and spirit is what matters. Only being strong in one of these aspects leaves you cutoff to what the Universe has to offer you as it is trying to connect with all of us. Only through balancing all three can we really be in tune with everything happening around us and can we really revel in the beauty of life. Not saying I have perfected this, I too am imperfect and constantly working for this goal. Black Swan has provided me with a unique opportunity that I am truly grateful for. The opportunity to expand not only my knowledge but also expand and help others. I am a Health Promotion major because I want to help people. I want to prevent injuries and ailments and prevent people from having to go to the hospital. The preventative side of medicine is much more important than treatment and if I can relieve one persons pain then I am succeeding, but I want to relieve everyones pain, and help them reach their fitness goals as well. Hot ONNIT classes will be unlike anything you have ever tried, and I am unlike any trainer you have ever encountered and am constantly striving to improve. If there's one thing I can guarantee, I will always have a smile on my face and I will always be genuine with you because I truly care about you, even if we have never met. I hope to see you all and bring what positivity I can to your life and learn as much from you, as you learn from me. With Love Always J.J. P.