My journey started 8 1/2 years ago when I tore two cervical discs in my neck lifting in college. I was in pain for five years straight, every day, all the time, with no relieving position. It took a huge toll on my life, relationships, and everything else you can think of. During those years I've had multiple surgeries to my Achilles and knee along with a ton of other injuries that come from playing sports and being active. Because of all I've learned from the hundreds of hours of physical therapy and through working with and being around elite athletes and trainers, I have been able to overcome the chronic pain and injuries and FINALLY... thrive in life. I started practicing Yoga when I moved to Austin 4 years ago. It started as a change up from my usual workout routine but I quickly found it helped my emotional, mental and physical well-being. My life has improved immeasurably since...we all need to slow down every now and then. Through my practice, I was able to find out Yoga has taught me how to tune in with my body, and once I felt that peace on the mat, I knew yoga would be with me the rest of my life. I completed my 200 yoga teacher training at Black Swan in 2016, and I am a chiropractor specializing in functional improvement for athletes, with certifications in physical therapy and personal training. I regularly prescribe specific poses to my patients, as I try and use my life experiences to help others understand how to cope with their injuries. The goals of my class are to decrease inflammation while increasing range of motion in the body. We'll be focusing on having a great time, pose symmetry, and balancing asymmetrical muscle tone that make students prone to injury. Please ask me any questions so that I can help you with your practice, your body, and your fitness goals.