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Growing up with love for personal challenges, I have always desired activity that challenged me to be stronger and break down my own barriers. I first practiced yoga over 15 years ago in search of a way to calm my mind, connect to my physical strength, and change the patterns in my life that I knew were no longer serving me. I discovered the incredibly expansive and transformative power of yoga and meditation, and there was no turning back for me! I believe that yoga is a path for all of us to get out of our own way, to open up to the truth of our highest being, meet our inner most authentic selves, and to approach our inner world with an inquisitive mind rooted in love. No judgement allowed! To me, yoga is an endless journey of growth and exploration, and an incredible tool meant for everyone, no matter your age, size, shape, or body type. It is not only a powerful tool for quieting the mind, but it's also meant to be fun and bring out the child like energy in all of us. (Remember to smile on your mat and laugh at yourself sometimes!) I am certified in Power Vinyasa and teach a strong and dynamic flow, challenging my students to get out of their own way, but offering modifications and advancements for all levels. I received my 200 hour certification in 2016 in Austin and have been teaching since before I graduated my training. I am now in a year-long 300 hour Leadership program, and I envision my yoga education as a never-ending journey of exploration - just like the practice itself. Buddha once said "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves." Come purify your mind on your mat, find your joy, and let your light shine brightly for the world!