Instagram:  young_yogi_bryce

Hey there! Im Bryce Valdez, and I'm just as much of a learner as you are. I found my first interest in yoga when my older brother suddenly decided to change lifestyle to the yogi way. Noticing his increase in happiness and enthusiasm about his new profession, I decided to look into it myself. After a couple of months of practicing this movement, I too started to get more interested about yoga and decided to really commit to learning, After my 200 hour certification at Black Swan Yoga, my life took the same sudden direction my brother did. My goal is to bring Black Swan to my hometown of San Antonio and show them the energy Black Swan Yoga brings. The magical-like feeling yoga gives me is the same feeling I want to show to my students and people of all kinds. The hardest challenge we have is with our own bodies, together with our breath and movement we can help strengthen our mental and physical health. Come explore your body’s limits! Namaste and get ready to get sweaty!