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I am a fun-loving yoga instructor who loves spreading the practice of yoga. In my classes you can always expect to be challenged since I have a passion for the fun and unique asanas, such as arm balances and inversions. While your body may be challenged, I also focus on a blend of vinyasa and hatha styles to connect the body with the mind and breathe. I try to instill the idea of empowerment to all of my students by helping students realize their bodies can do more than the mind thinks. I graduated from Texas A&M, College Station, with a Bachelors in Meteorology and a Masters in Atmospheric Science. I have a background in gymnastics, so yoga started off as something I enjoyed because of the fun I had doing the physical asanas. Gaining flexibility and strength resulted; however, I quickly discovered the other positive things that yoga brought along. I love exploring new poses and seeing where the practice takes me both physically and mentally. In April 2017, I received my RTY-200 hour certification with the Ashtak Yoga School in Koh Lanta, Thailand. I am currently continuing my education by obtaining my 500-hr certification with Yoga Yoga out of Corpus Christi, TX.