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I began my yoga journey in 2014 after a snowboarding accident that changed the course my path forever. I sustained a dislocation my right arm and couldn't continue the baking business that I owned at the time. I found yoga while researching ways to therapeutically & mindfully recover and strengthen my arm. After a couple of months into a dedicated practice of trying a variety of yoga classes on YouTube, I enrolled into a Teacher Training to learn as much as I could about yoga. In 2015, I received my 200hr Certification in Power Vinyasa & at the time didn't see myself becoming a teacher. But from that point on I was completely enthralled in the yoga journey, especially the philosophy. Not only did I recover my arm back to strength, it is stronger than before my injury. The effects of my practices in meditation, pranayama (breath work), and asana expanded beyond just my shoulder/arm but also to the rest my body, into my mental & emotional states, and especially my spiritual connection.

Fast forward to today: I'm now 500hr RYT specializing in Therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga and am currently finishing another training to be an 800hr Certified Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapy. I have over 1000hrs of training in combined yoga teacher training, workshops + continuing education and have studied a variety of traditional modalities of yoga & have also accumulated over 800+ hrs of teaching and counting. I minored in Biology in college and love to combine my knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology and apply the principals of the anatomy of body movement to all my yoga postures. Safe to say, I LOVE yoga and am fascinated by the human body and am a student for life.

Outside of yoga, I'm a Plant-based Chef & a Visual Artist. I combine my passions to reach and serve many populations. The mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual states are my focus and I am passionate about guiding others to tools that can consistently bring you back to balance when needed in a sustainable approach. I am also the founder of a non-profit called Limitless Yoga Project. Limitless Yoga Project's mission is to serve the medical population: be it patients, their families, medical professionals, volunteers, organizations, hospitals, etc. I believe mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nourishment (food), and especially breath - is the key to getting to the root of dis-ease and ultimately to healing efficiently and effectively.

My classes are centered around moving with breath, taking time to adjust alignment as you move through each posture, and being fully present to your body and space. I aim to create balanced sequences that are both strong and soft. I believe in communicating with you as you communicate with your body throughout the class and encourage students to modify the practice to fit what they are feeling and working within their current physical and non-physical states. Combining alignment with stabilization creates strength & flexibility and my goal is to always create a safe way for you to challenge your self on these dimensions. My philosophy in practice is to stay neutral in thought and to allow yourself to be where you are in that moment through the tool of breath to find lightness in your practice. Leave any judgment of self and others at the door, growth can only happen when you are in a state of acceptance and love. Every body is welcome to come exactly as they are in my space. Last but not least: I believe in having fun, moving to the music, and creativity! Expect the playlist to sync and flow with your movements/experience and kinesiology-aware but artistic sequencing created to purposely serve who is in the class that day. :)