Instagram:  move_yo_asana

Born and raised in Austin, TX, I found yoga early in high school, and it has been with me off and on for the last 12 years, as a practice I knew I could come to that would not only strengthen my physical body, but that also brought balance to my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. That has always been the part of the practice that has brought me back to my mat year after year; that I not only noticed my body growing stronger, but that I also felt calm, relaxed, refreshed and renewed after practicing! I have practiced deep tissue massage for 6+ years and have a great passion for learning about the body. I believe that the breath, the body and the mind are all connected, and through our practice we gain a greater awareness of this rhythm within. I believe that this awareness and mindfulness cultivated during our practice not only connects us to these forces within us, but also to the world around us! I love playing with handstands and fun arm balances, twisting and hip opening! Come to my class to move, breathe, flow and grow; listen to some awesome music, push yourself past your boundaries and make some new friends!