Alicia T


Instagram:  doyogaeattacos

I am a former basketball player who was introduced to yoga after a knee injury. I didn't like it at all and felt super uncomfortable. I left yoga alone until I lost a bet and had to go to a friends Vinyasa class, I loved it. I began to fall in love with how my body felt, the changes in my mind. After experiencing the transformation of yoga on the athletic body, and introduction to meditation and mindfulness, I found my passion. I would bring friends and fellow athletes to yoga that were just as skeptical as I was. Then I decided to learn more so I can share the experience with individuals like me so I became a registered yoga teacher. I am experienced in many types of yoga, taking pieces from each to create a flows and programs for individuals and athletes. Now continuing in endurance sports, I continue to bring yoga and mindfulness to individuals and athletes of all levels. In my classes my goal is to create a experience that allows students to have a good time, get deeper into their body and mind, with a good soundtrack.