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Flow 16 Playlist

“I feel this one is a modern groove that taps into Eastern rhythms. The beats and lyrics take you on a journey and hold space for the movements and breath of our body to easily … Read more

The 8 Limbs of Yoga

Yoga is commonly recognized as a physical exercise. However, the physical exercise is only a relatively small portion of the entire realm of yoga. What?!

Where Do I Put My Balls?

Every single day, billions of men have to ask themselves, “Where do I put my balls?” They have to be put somewhere, and according to most statutory law, they have to be out of sight! … Read more

Road Trip Yoga – No Mat Required

Cruising with the windows down, jammin’ to your favorite tunes, eye candy all around. I LOVE road trips. There is something so freeing about the open road. Road trips are a great way to clear your mind, see the entire country, and connect with a friend or loved one. Road trips rock.

Shamanic Breath Work Retreat Review

Noah Villalobos, President of Black Swan Yoga and Rabah Rahil, Director of Content at Onnit, go into a deep dive into Noah’s recent breath work retreat. We talk about yoga, the importance of breath and what goes into a Shamanic Breath Work Workshop. Enjoy and leave some love in the comments if you ever so please.

Stop Making Excuses, Start Doing Yoga

I’ve heard plenty of excuses about why people don’t do yoga. The truth is, nothing should stop you from starting one of the most beneficial practices there is. So if you’ve heard any of these excuses (or if you’ve thought them yourself), start thinking more positively and get into yoga.

Five Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life

Oohhhh yoga! How is it that this practice can be so full of amazing benefits?

Yoga teachers will often tell you that whatever you learn on your mat can be taken off the mat, but it can also be taken to the bedroom.