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Thank goodness for yoga and the lessons it's taught me, the giggles it's inspired, the tears it has welcomed, and the awareness it is constantly cultivating in my life. I would literally say that I have been "saved by yoga'" physically from a massive stroke and mentally and emotionally from the depths of depression and stress. Yoga has healed my relationship with myself. In 2003 after retiring my collegiate volleyball career due to shoulder injuries, I was tricked into attending a Baptiste Power Vinyasa teacher training on the beaches of Mexico. Five minutes into the 10 day intensive, I had found my love. Since that initiation by fire, I've trained in specialties such as yoga for special needs, yoga for trauma, yoga for kids, yoga for addiction recovery; I've learned from world-renown teachers; and I've taught across the globe. I am so humbled to be able to share in such a brilliant community and excited to see what light yoga can bring to every practitioner. Namaste.