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Hey my name is Kamali’i, but you can call me Kama. I started my heated yoga journey about 2 years ago and I instantly fell in love. Yoga is my passion and I wouldn’t be who I am today without it. Yoga has carried me through a lot of hard times and has helped me calm my mind and body. Yoga helped me so much that it made me want to share that with others, so I decided to expand my knowledge. I have a Ashtanga Vinyasa background with a little over 400 HR’s of teacher training. The style of my vinyasa comes with a variety of postures designed to help unify your body and mind. I am here to help students build confidence and find a way to recover from their day to day stress. Come prepared to sweat! I absolutely love core, inversions and arm balances. I will incorporate many opportunities for students to ‘Take Flight’ and have some fun. Aloha!