Erica V


Instagram:  ericavetra

I believe in the courage to use our strength in creating the life we desire. My yoga practice began 20 years ago somewhat accidentally at my local YMCA. Having no idea what the word even meant, I enjoyed the way it made me feel. I continued to seek out yoga through high school and college, never quite sure what was drawing me so much but knowing that it always gave me something I found I needed. For several years I lived abroad, floating from Italy to Spain, to Mexico, and back to Italy, incorporating yoga into my travels and life rhythms, enjoying the constant evolution of my practice as an expression of the evolution of my own self. In Italy I eventually began teaching yoga and introducing the practice of asana to university theatre students.

For me, the art of practicing and teaching yoga is the study of the Self; as such, it is there for us in any moment that we choose to deepen our own awareness. Yoga has constantly shown up in my life, offering itself to me in the shapes that seem to serve and teach me the most. Through teaching, I hope to offer yoga to you as a way to come to know your true Self in the way that best serves you. Namaste.