Stop Making Excuses, Start Doing Yoga

I’ve heard plenty of excuses about why people don’t do yoga. The truth is, nothing should stop you from starting one of the most beneficial practices there is. So if you’ve heard any of these excuses (or if you’ve thought them yourself), start thinking more positively and get into yoga.

“I’m not good at it”

Who’s good at anything when they first start? And besides, yoga is the kind of thing where it teaches you a lesson, and our egos are always a big part of the lesson. It teaches you to get out of your own head and insecurities and to basically not give a damn about what others may think of us, or our own judgements.

You go to yoga for yourself – to learn, to breathe, to relax, and to challenge yourself, not to compete with yourself. This lesson will also travel with you throughout all walks of life. Imagine all the things you could do if fear of failure didn’t play any part. Imagine the freedom.

“I’m not flexible enough”

Well this one’s just too easy. I don’t know a better way to get flexible! Being more open in those tight spots does wonders for your overall health and for the other activities you like doing. Most of the time it’s that people don’t even realize how tight, sore, or stressed they are until after their first class. People may consider it their body’s norm.

Muscles and tissues store tension and stress in our hips, shoulders, core, and neck. It may be tough at the start and you may never want to stretch again, but it’s also something you realize you need rather than want.

“I don’t have time.”

Yoga is “me time”. Throughout the entire day we are out running around and working and it’s mainly to serve other people such as our bosses, kids, partners, friends, co-workers, etc. Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s not all about you”? Well, in some cases, IT IS! Make YOU your #1 priority physically and mentally. There are so many benefits from regular physical activity, how could you not take advantage? We’re talking energy boosts, happiness, confidence, healthier choices, improved health, the list goes on and on.

And maybe yoga isn’t what you need for that day. Maybe you need to sit outside on your porch and meditate, maybe you need a run, maybe it’s a vigorous workout. Whatever it is, set the time aside, and take it for yourself. This is your life, your time to shine, so go out and do something YOU enjoy!

“I am too old.”

Fortunately, there are so many different levels, styles, and modifications that anyone at ANY age can do yoga. Heck, there’s even chair yoga. It’s not at all meant to be strenuous on your joints, so if you start at a younger age, you can continue it until whenever! It’s a practice you can keep with you forever respecting your body as it goes through the ebbs and flows of life.

If you’ve never done the practice before and do not do any other semi-strenuous workouts, then I definitely wouldn’t advise your first practice being a level 2-3 vinyasa in a heated room. Look for some beginner-friendly classes and work your way up! But do not let your age stop you!

There are plenty more excuses to go around but, believe it or not these are the ones I hear the most. I want you to understand again that yoga may not be the be all end all for you. It may be rock-climbing, dancing, running, swimming. The point I’m making is that stop making excuses to not do something you might actually enjoy and an activity you can almost get lost in. Those activities are what keep us alive, happy and healthy!

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