Stand In Your Greatness

Written by Alecia Norman 200HR BSYTT graduate with Black Swan Yoga & Super Swan (program for our bsytt trainees)

Today I live a life that I am proud of, a life I love. I spend my days surrounded by smart, interesting, inspired, loving people. I connect with them openly and share inspirations, dreams, and lessons. We motivate and challenge each other to show up as the best version of ourselves every day. My life is everything I want it to be. Every day I grow, and learn, and become more of the me that I always knew I had the potential to be. 

But this was not always the case. In my early adulthood I was haunted by the belief that I was not “enough”. Not smart enough. Not pretty enough. Not skinny enough. Not good enough. I worked hard to try to transform myself into something that would be perceived as “acceptable”. I tried several insane unhealthy diets. I put harmful chemicals in my hair and my body to try to tame and control it. I kept my opinions and perspectives to myself. For many years I was lost. Wandering around in a life with no meaning or purpose that I was aware of. I couldn’t figure out how to harness my power. How to stand in my greatness. Did I even have greatness within me? I didn’t know how to verbalize what I wanted in life. I just knew I wanted… more. I realize now that my entire life was fear. I was afraid to step off of that well paved road even though it did not lead to a place I wanted to go. I was afraid to show the world I was different, that I didn’t fit into any of the boxes I was told I should. I was afraid to fall. I was afraid to fly. I was afraid to try.

One day I began the journey of “finding myself.” I tried everything from float tanks to kickboxing. I tried, yoga, cycling, running, swimming, meditation, breath work, ecstatic dance, plant medicines, cacao ceremonies, spending time in nature, online courses, coaching, therapy, seminars, retreats. There is nothing I was not willing to do to take my life to the next level. These practices ultimately led to me to Black Swan Yoga. A yoga studio so full of vitality and magic in every class and workshop. It wasn’t long before I was called to dive deeper. As my personal yoga practice deepened, I learned tools to address past traumas and baggage that had followed me around for years. From failed relationships, to deep family wounds, to persistent limiting beliefs. I slowly started to take a look into dark corners of my soul that I previously wanted to pretend didn’t exist. Revisiting old pain is never enjoyable but working through these limitations has allowed me to be free and open in ways that I never dreamed. 

My destiny completely changed the moment I decided that fear would no longer define or limit me. When I made the choice to take steps along an uncertain and unpaved road which promised only growth and insight (sometimes painfully gained). In 2018 I was called to begin my 200hr Teacher Training with Black Swan Yoga. I was not fully aware at the time, but it was my turn to begin to share the knowledge, growth, and inspiration I had accumulated over the years. I can see now that I have always possessed everything I needed to live an abundant life, a passionately full life, an intentional life with meaning. It was always inside of me. Throughout teacher training, my instructors helped me to not only deepen my physical practice, but to find my voice. Inside and outside of the studio they nurtured my potential, dispelled my fears, and showed me that I had something valuable to share.

This is why today I am passionate about helping others realize the power they have within them. We all have a giant inside of us, ready to be awakened. Ready to respond to the call to greatness, the call to love, the call to passion. In every class my goal is to show my students how to find, own, and use their voice. To stand in their greatness, own their power, and use their influence in a way that inspires others to do the same.