San Antonio Events

‘Let’s Help SA’ is an initiative started in hopes to collectively raise millions of dollars for San Antonians left in dire circumstances from the brutal winter storm. 100% of the proceeds will directly benefitthree non profit organizations: SAMMinistries, Haven for Hope, and The SA Food Bank. 

We wanted to bring our community together and be a part of this amazing effort. Please join us for our benefit flow where all proceeds will go to Let’s Help SA! 

We all were effected by this storm in some way, what matters is how we come together to rise above it. 

Music is a language of emotions that can simply changes ones mood, and it is a huge part of the experience when coming to bsy.  

We’re thrilled to offer this collaborative practice of combining mind + body with some heart + soul. Join Adyn for a slow flow while listening to the sounds and melodies with local musician Johnathan Huggins every Sunday in February at 10:30am.  

20% of the proceeds will benefit The Charles Roundtree Bloom Project. An organization creating a healing space for the youth impacted by incarceration by facilitating healing centered outdoor experiences.  

WHEN: Every Sunday 10:30am in February

PRICE: $25 * 20% discount for Members on Specialty classes *


Need to slow down from the holiday buzz? Join Caity for this sweet, stretchy yin flow where the holds are long and the vibes are gooooood! Oh, and bonus… the last 10 minutes, Caity will play the singing crystal quartz bowls. 🔮

Bring your mat and any comfy props if you wish. Examples might be blankets, props, pillows, or straps. 🧘🏽‍♀️

*BSY Members receive 20% off their chosen donated price!  



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Yoga Nidra is the yoga of conscious relaxation. In a society where we idolize and even encourage the type of business where we can’t even catch our breath, this class is designed to combat just that. No movement, no expectation, just pure bliss. Caitlyn will start with a full body meditation then move into the healing sound bowls for about 30 minutes. Bolsters, blankets and probs are encouraged but not required, just your presence ✨

*BSY Memebers: 20% off specialty classes*

WHEN: March 12 7pm


join JOYRIDE + BLACK SWAN YOGA as we come together for some Community LOVE.

The past year has been uncertain for us all, but one thing that has remained tried and true is the support of our neighbors. We have committed to lift each other up, root one another on, and continue to create a positive world for our community.

This class will be 30 min of spin led by Bonny and 30 min of yoga led by Jody, leaving you with high vibrations for the rest of your day!

We wanted to take it a step farther and honor Black History Month and support a local organization doing impactful work in our community. All proceeds from this class will go to The Charles Roundtree Bloom Project. This project aims to create a space of communal healing for youth impacted by incarceration by facilitating healing-centered outdoor experiences and culturally relevant environmental education that will help them envision new possibilities for their lives, their communities, and our world.

We hope you join us to flow, spin, and raise awareness to an amazing organization!

WHERE: 801 Broadway ( Cadillac Dealership )

WHEN: MAR 13TH, 11:30am


Join Caity Garrison and Melissa Aguirre as they come together to share their love of a few of their favorite things… yoga + some emo music + poetry + all to support ‘To Write Love on Her Arms’. Caity will be leading a 1 hour long vinyasa practice with vibes good for the soul. Following class, Melissa Aguirre will take you down a path of self inquiry and a narrative psychology exercise. Bring a pen and your favorite notebook for your poetry to come to life ✨

All proceeds from class will be benefiting ‘To Write Love on Her Arms’ a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.

We hope you’ll join us on this beautiful afternoon! 🌤

*BSY Members receive 20% off their chosen donated price!  

WHEN: Sunday March 7 – – 1:30-3:30pm



hola! Let’s flow!

Join Caro the last Saturday of every month at 5:30pm for a Spanglish led flow. If you speak Spanish, trying to learn, or have family members who speak Spanish, we invite you to come expand your practice in a new way and connect. We are thrilled to be offering this unique offering. ✨

Hope to see you there! 🖤