Class Types


Chill is the yin to your yang! This is a heated, candle lit class with the first half being mobility and vinyasa and the 2nd half of class pure yin. In Yin, poses are held for 2-4 minutes to allow for stretching, strengthening, and lengthening the deep connective tissue inside the joints.


An all levels vinyasa based class! Each teacher uniquely creates their own flows to match their personal styles. Room is heated to 90 degrees.


This is our yoga class for people seeking teachings on the foundations of yoga. You’ll understand the why behind the poses, breath, and more. This class will take things slow so that you are able to learn the proper alignment of movements. The room is set to 90 degrees.


Fitness, mindful movement and yoga all included. This is our fitness class that is rooted in the movement principles taught at Onnit Academy in Austin, TX. You might experience exercises that incorporate the steel mace or just your body weight. Cool down with some yoga and enjoy the empowering experience.


A level 2-3 vinyasa based flow. You may find yourself breaking down poses you’ve seen and always wanted to try in this class or opportunities to strengthen and deepen your typical flow.