Road Trip Yoga – No Mat Required

Cruising with the windows down, jammin’ to your favorite tunes, eye candy all around. I LOVE road trips. There is something so freeing about the open road. Road trips are a great way to clear your mind, see the entire country, and connect with a friend or loved one. Road trips rock.

The less magical part about them is sitting in the car for hours on end. Our bodies tighten and our minds get tired. Here are some GREAT yoga poses to practice when you’re en route.

Take a 5-minute break and do these 5 poses. You can afford the time! Pull over in a safe place where there is plenty of space to move and groove for a few minutes. You can even keep all the windows open so you can play your favorite song while you refresh yourself with a little yoga. Oh yeah!


High Lunge with W arms


Humble Warrior








Standing Figure 4


Now get back on the road and sing your little heart out.

Peace, love, and yoga!

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