Find Your Wild Costa Rica Retreat
NOV 3RD, 12:00PM – NOV 9TH, 5:00PM

 About Black Swan Yoga Retreats

Let’s RETREAT! And by retreat, we mean explore. Not only will you explore physically through your yoga practice, environment, and the adventures we will have planned for you; but you will also explore mentally. Yes, you will retreat by disconnecting from your daily routine and obligations; however, you will also dig deep in self inquiry, get out of your comfort zone, make unforgettable connections, laugh, cry, love and most importantly have fun all while feeling safe and supported. Your retreat leaders are here for you, not only to guide you through all of the yoga you can handle, but to also encourage you to explore all of the possibilities on and off of your mat in order for you to live life to your fullest potential. Our intention is ultimately for you to grow and to feel inspired, loved, and powerful. We believe your time with us will leave you transformed and ready to live your best life!