Pose of the Week – Wild Thing

How to get into the pose:

  • Begin in downward facing dog.
  • Start to transfer your weight onto your left hand and come on to the pinky toe side of your left foot. Begin to stack your right hip on top of your left like side plank. Lift your right arm up and reach for the sky.
  • Keep a strong foundation through your left hand as you press your hips up. Engage through your core and begin to lift your right leg off or your left and bend it.
  • Slowly drop your right toes and ball joint on to the floor behind your left ankle. Pivot at your left heel and drop your left toes to face the back of your mat.
  • Start to rotate your chest and hips towards the sky.
  • Lift your hips up high by pressing into your feet.
  • Relax your shoulders down and reach your right arm by your ear.

How to come out of the pose.

  • Slowly begin to retrace your steps.
  • Engage through your core as you begin to rotate your hips to square off with your mat allowing your left toes to point to the left side of your mat as you lower your right hand to ground.
  • Come onto the ball of your left foot and bring your right toes back down to meet your left to find downward facing dog.


  • Stretches chest, back, shoulders and throat.
  • Strengthens your spine.
  • Opens your hips and hip flexors.
  • Awakens your body and mind.

Here is the Pose of the Week by Brett Haginas, one of our teachers in Austin, TX.


“I think that wild thing is a beautiful pose for everything that it represents. It is a heart opener, (my favorite), which teaches me to keep an open heart and an open mind. I believe that the ability to stay open and vulnerable is one of the greatest arts of life because it allows us to feel things on a deeper level with our soul. Every human has their wild side. Their desire to be more than just a number. I think that we are most authentic when we drop all of our fears and worries and just expose our wild and quixotic side.” – Brett Haginas


View Brett’s teacher profile HERE