Pose of the Week – Triangle


  1. Strengthens your legs, ankles arms and chest.
  2. Stretches and opens your hips, groin, hamstrings and calves, shoulders, chest, and spine.
  3. Stimulates function of abdominal organs.
  4. Reduces anxiety and alleviates back pain.

To get into the pose:

  1. Stand with your legs and feet together. Take a large step out to the left so your legs are a comfortable distance apart. (3.5 – 4ft) Reach your arms out parallel to the floor.  Turn your right toes towards the top of your mat, and angle your left toes inward so that they point to the top left corner of your mat.
  2. Gaze over your right finger. Inhale and surf your torso and your arms forward. Pull your left hip back. Then tick tock your right hand towards your right ankle and lift your left arm up towards 12 o’clock.
  3. Keep your chest and hips open. Pinch your shoulder blades together to touch and roll your shoulders away from your ears.
  4. Activate your thighs towards one another and keep pulling your left hip back.
  5. Look up towards your left hand, engage your core, and float your right hand off of the floor. Optional: place your right hand on the floor or grab your big toe with your peace fingers.
  6. Take deep full body breaths to calm your mind and relax into the pose.

To exit the pose:

After about 5 breaths, press down through your legs to engage your lower body and inhale to lift your torso back to stack your shoulders over your hips. Turn your right toes in and put your feet together. Repeat on the other side.