Pose of the Week – Skandasana

The Black Swan Yoga Pose of the Week for October 19th – October 25th is Skandasana. It was chosen by our Featured Teacher of the Week Felicia Vijichanton Here’s why she loves skandasana: “I love skandasana because it feels so good to shift and to expand from the root of the feet and legs, it mirrors grace and strength. It’s a great way to incorporate power and balance as it engages the back bent leg and also opens all around the front straight leg. There are so many variations that I love to play around with a simple movement of the toes the belly the gaze and the arms.

How to Get Into the Pose:

  • Begin in a warrior 2 position with your right leg bent and your left leg straight. Begin to bend into your left leg and straighten your right leg as you lower your hips to squat.
  • Flex through your right foot with your heel on the floor.
  • Your hands come come to the floor for balance and support, or you can play with bringing your hands to prayer at your sternum.
  • You can stay on the ball of your left foot or allow your foot to come completely flat on the ground.


  • Improves Balance
  • Builds Core Strength
  • Stretches Hamstrings and Hips