Pose of the Week – Peacock

The new Black Swan Yoga Pose of the Week is Peacock Pose! It was chosen by our teacher of the week, Patsy Springer.

Here is her fondest memory of her and Peacock Pose:

“The first time I was able to nail peacock pose was during yoga school in India. The class knew I had been working on it, so when I went into it everyone turned to look at me. That is the moment I let out the loudest, most outrageous fart of my life. And then tumbled over with belly laughs.

So this pose reminds me to never take yourself too seriously. As we become stronger, and progress in yoga poses and in life, remember to laugh and have fun. After all, everyone farts.”


Strengthens your wrists, forearms, core, back, and legs.

How to do the pose!

  • To begin, start kneeling on the floor with your knees wide, toes together, and hips down on your heels. Plant your hands on the floor as you lean forward with your fingers rotated towards your torso. Bring both pinkies together and your elbows together. Bend your elbows to a 90 degree angle. Let your knees splay further from each other as you lean your torso to lay on the backs of your upper arms. Sink your elbows down into your belly below your belly button.
  • Keep your core engaged and linked to your elbows and arm base. Keep your heart lifting as you take your weight forward and onto your arms.
  • As you transfer your weight forward, you can begin to play with balancing on your base by lifting your legs off the floor. You can start by keeping your legs bent and your two toes touching.
  • Take it into a straight legged peacock by extending through your legs.