Pose of the Week – Eagle

The new Black Swan Yoga Pose of the Week is Eagle Pose. It was chosen by our teacher of the week, Randal Setzler.

Eagle Pose Benefits

Randal loves Eagle Pose because “[it] is a powerful bind with many benefits! It will challenge your balance and require you to activate through your entire body. As you squeeze everything towards your midline, you will massage the internal organs of your body while stretching and expanding your back and shoulders. Eagle Pose is great for clearing your mind and strengthening your will!”


How to do Eagle Pose

  1. Begin in chair pose with your knees together and a slight bend. Engage your core and stack your shoulders over your hips. Lift your arms overhead.
  2. Swing your right arm under your left. Allow your elbows to bend and wrap the forearms. Press your palms together at the center of your chest.
  3. Keep your hips low and lift your right leg high and wrap it tight around your left leg. Aim to get the top of your foot to the back of your calf. The second wrap isn’t crucial.
  4. Squeeze your thighs together. Squeeze your elbows together. Everything pulls in to your midline as you balance on your standing leg.
  5. Raise your elbows to be in line with your shoulders. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to a minute. Switch sides and repeat.


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Eagle Pose.

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