Pose of the Week: Dancer

The new Black Swan Yoga Pose of the Week is Dancer Pose.  It is also known as Natarajasana in sanskrit. This pose requires back flexibility as well as balance.

How to get into the pose:

  1. From mountain pose, inhale and lift your arms up. Rotate your right palm forward like you’re giving someone a high five. Bend at your left arm, palm facing up like you are holding a tray.
  2. Transfer your weight to your right foot, bend at your left leg, and kick your left foot towards your glutes.
  3. Reach back with your left hand, thumb facing up, and grab the big toe side of your left foot. Bring your knees together and square your hips.
  4. Engage your abdominals and as you exhale, begin to kick into your left hand with your foot. Allow your toes to lift up as high as they can while maintaining a tiny bend in your right knee to protect your joints.
  5. Keep softening your shoulders down and pull your right bicep by your ear.
  6. Use your breath to advance – inhales to square off your hips, exhales to lift higher.


  1. Dancer pose is a challenging pose that will improve balance and coordination.
  2. While you kick into your hand you allow for a deep shoulder stretch. Your shoulder begins to strengthen as you keep your lifted hand reaching up and your shoulder pulling down.
  3. As you maintain balance, you begin to develop strength in your thighs and ankles.
  4. The deep back bend stretches your abdominals, thighs, groin, and hips and creates a strong, proud chest.

To deepen the pose:

  1. From dancer pose, bend your right arm and reach back for your left foot. Grab the big toe side with your right hand, and switch out the grip of your left hand to the pinky toe side.
  2. Now grabbing your left foot with both hands, continue to kick your toes up and overhead.  Take your gaze up.
  3. To go even deeper, try to bring your toes to touch your head. Don’t forget about your core and your breath!