November Events

Yoga to Support Safe Alliance



Let’s come together as a community and share our practices for the benefit of others. This is a cause that is near and dear to our teachers Patsy Springer and Brett Haginas, and they are thrilled to combine the magic of yoga with the power of selfless giving.

You’ll get to enjoy 90 minutes of vinyasa and yin yoga. Completely donation-based, and 100% of the donations go to SAFE.

About SAFE:
The SAFE Alliance is a structured partnership between SafePlace and Austin Children’s Shelter, two organizations that serve the survivors of child abuse and neglect, sexual assault and exploitation, and domestic violence.

This organization, based in Austin, TX, strives to create a safe haven and support system to anyone despite gender identity, sexual orientation, race, age or ethnicity who is overcoming abuse of any sort.

To read more on SAFE and their mission visit:
If you cannot make it out to the class, but would still like to donate, you can do that here:

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Intro to Jiu Jitsu for Yogis



We’re having a FREE workshop for yogis who are interested in Jiu Jitsu! With so many parallels between the two, Yoga and BJJ are a great combination for the yin and yang aspect of your movement-based practices. Best part, you get to share your mat with another yogi, and play a game that, like yoga, is a lifelong practice. Our workshop will be lead by Onnit‘s director of Jiu Jitsu, Curtis Hembroff, lead coach at 10th Planet Austin. See you soon!

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Sun Salutations, The Heart of Flow


Sun Salutations are a series of postures linked with rhythmic breath. They serve to energize and warm the body, as well as focus and calm the mind.

In this workshop we will take time to examine the various components of this sequence, including transitions and your individual optimal alignment of each posture. We will take a closer look at the benefits, history and the intricacies of this age old yogic practice.

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Understanding Tantra Yoga with Michelle Young


Students will learn what tantra yoga is, and how to incorporate it into their lives. Students can expect to learn about kriya, pranayama, asana, and meditation and how they fit within the system of tantra yoga. Special emphasis will be on the nervous system and how these practices work on down regulating the nervous system, and the benefits that come from a practice focused on balance. Students will also develop a deeper awareness of how tantra yoga can be used on our metaphysical energetic layers (our cognition) to reprogram and align our intentions.

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Healing x Music Fusion Week


Brazilian musician Porangui weaves ancestral songs & indigenous rhythms from around the world as a one-man orchestra. His infectious grooves move the body and soulFull harmonies uplift the spirit, transcending cultural and stylistic boundaries to deeply heal and integrate the mind, body and spirit. Come and let yourself be moved!

NOV 1- BSY Anderson: Live Music Yoga 6, 7:30, 9 PM Classes

Enjoy the mixture of sound and movement.

NOV 4 – Sound Healing Ceremony & Meditation, 8-10pm

Experience the ancient healing art of sound and vibrational therapy. Immerse yourself in sacred sounds, surrender your thoughts, and drop into your heart, as you relax and receive these meditative rhythms and sacred ancestral songs. Allow the notes to call your cells into natural resonance and full alignment, and emerge feeling a deep sense of nourishment and rejuvenation from the inside out. Journey through deep, earthy didgeridoo grooves into breathtaking indigenous medicine songs, and return to still point with blissful African kalimba lullabies. Suggested $20 donation.

Arrive early to set up and tap in. Meditation and music will begin at 8pm. Please bring a pillow and blanket to make yourself comfortable on your mat.

NOV 5 – Cacao Ceremony & Concert, 7-10pm

Description: The evening will start with a delicious cacao ceremony from 7-7:30. Porangui will begin playing immediately thereafter taking you on a journey through deep, earthy didgeridoo grooves into high-vibe ecstatic Brazilian beats, and return to still point with blissful African kalimba lullabies. From serenades and storytelling to beat boxing and booty shaking, an evening with Poranguí is sure to be a memorable one.