How do I pay for class?

Drop-In Donation

You can pay before class using cash or credit card, no need to reserve your spot ahead of time. We suggest that you donate $10-20 per class, but pay what you can and lets make the world a better place with some yoga!

PLEASE arrive 15-20 min early to get parking and signed in on time.

Monthly Membership

We offer a monthly membership for $88 per month, which equals $2.96 per day for you #practicedaily folks! Check out our AUSTIN MEMBERSHIPS and DALLAS MEMBERSHIPS tabs on the website for further details! No cancellation policy.

$10 no-show fee applies to late cancellations at the time of class start to encourage attendance in low capacity classes due to COVID.

How do I get in contact with BSY?

For AUSTIN: Email us at [email protected] with any general questions
For HOUSTON: Email us at [email protected] with any general questions or give us a call at 713-640-5060
For DALLAS: Email us at [email protected] with any general questions


Where should I park for BSY Fannin (Houston)?

A: There is a garage underneath the building where you can park for free on level B. In addition, you may park along Drew and Tuam! Please take all of your valuables into the studio with you!

Where should I park for BSY Kirby (Houston)?

A: Parking lot space in front and on the sides of the building. We have additional parking in the shopping center to the south of Einstein’s Bagels, at the Relax the Back parking lot, and at the Bank of America parking lot after 5pm. If you have any concerns about parking feel free to call us.

Where should I park for BSY White Oak (Houston)?

A: Parking lot space on the side of the building. Street parking is abundant as well in front of the studio and around the neighborhoods. Be cautious of specific street signs around the Heights. **

**Special note for RAVEN TOWER**

At this time we are holding some additional classes at Raven Tower, 310 North St. There is parking on three sides of the Raven Tower pavilion- plenty of space for all.

What should I bring?

Bring your yoga mat, a towel, a water bottle, props, and tons of friends. Due to COVID we have no props for use in studio!

When should I arrive for class?

Arrive as early at 25 minutes before the class! The earlier the better to secure your spot in class!

Can I do yoga if I am pregnant, menstruating, or injured?

There are many beliefs on these topics. The best person to answer this question is you. Our classes are focused on alignment and proper form that will challenge your body. Consult your physician if you are unsure.

Can my child come to yoga?

Children are allowed to attend class with their parent/legal guardian if they are able to participate in the entire class with out disrupting others. Please be considerate of your fellow yogis. Teachers are empowered to play their own music during class so please note that some music may contain content or language from time to time that may be unsuitable for children, so it is up to the parent to decide whether they are okay with their child listening to any music.

Are classes heated?

Yes, our classes are heated to 90 degrees depending on the time of year. You’ll get sweaty for sure!

Do you have showers?

We have showers ONLY at our Fannin Location!

I’ve forgotten something at the studio, how can I get it?

If you have left your mat, towel, water bottle, etc at the studio after class, it will most likely be with our lost & found. Please go back between classes or when you take another class to pick it up as soon as possible to ensure it is still there. We clean out and donate our lost and found once a week.