Game Changing Breath

Can you feel it? It’s life! It’s happening to you right now! This is a pretty unique occurrence that, according to Drizzy, only happens once. That’s some serious pressure though. If this is your only chance to live a life, how could you possibly make the most of every single precious moment that passes by? The answer is actually pretty simple. Just breathe!

Although its happening every single second you’re alive, breathing isn’t typically a headliner. You’re gonna hear about a lot of other feelings that a human is experiencing before they start talking to you about breath. However, if you want to level up in an instant, begin to focus more attention and awareness on your breath and begin to feel the shift.

You can go a week without water. Two without food. Three without Netflix. But you’ll only last 3 minutes without breath! When it comes to the support mechanism of your entire consciousness, breath plays a central role in delivering the necessary oxygen to your bloodstream that keeps organs alive. Without this constant delivery, tissues begin to die, and you’ll quickly follow. If there is any indication of breath’s importance, this is it. Each time you breathe, you’re doing an awesome job at NOT dying. Celebrate that!

Your breath is your best friend! You’ve been together since the first slimy moments of your existence, and you’ll enjoy this age-old buddy in the final moments of your life. Each second of every day in your entire life is accompanied by either an inhalation or exhalation. When you appreciate this momentary exchange between you and everythingness, your awareness is on the present moment. Free from any future worry or guilt from the past, you can live in the here and now where it’s all good!

In this day and age, physical activity is not a necessity to get shit done like it used to be. One thing that has resulted – chronic shallow breathing. Sitting at a desk and not building up any heavy breathing for hours at a time results in a hypoventilated state where your body is oxygen starved. The problem isn’t bad enough for your body to start gasping for air like you’re drowning, but the damage being done under the radar is crippling your human expression. Shallow breathing can lead to fatigue, weakened immune response, premature aging, a greater amount of toxins held in your body, and even reduced brain function!

The best part of breathing is that you can take control of it, RIGHT NOW! Begin by focusing on the fact that breath is happening first, then you can start manipulating how your breath happens. Breath is unique in the sense that it can be both a voluntary and involuntary action; it can either be a background activity, or the center of your attention. So take control right now and start by breathing as deep as you can and exhaling it all out. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. You’ll probably forget for a little bit, but the best part is that you can hop on the breath train as soon as you realize you’re off it!

When thinking about breath awareness, try to maximize the capacity of your breath mechanisms; the lungs. On your inhalations, fill up your breath down to the bottom of your belly. When exhaling, try to remove all the air from your lungs. This will ensure you’re maximizing each breath, extracting as much of the precious life force breath delivers. The most important first step is to realize that you are breathing. Everything else will fall into place once that realization is made.

This breath is something that you are DOING and that is HAPPENING to you. Combining these in the form of breath breaks down any boundary between you and all the things happening to you. In this sense, you and all the things around you are unified. By being with your breath, you are yoked to the universe and all its happenings. This is the path of enlightenment. This is yoga. This is YOU, so just breathe already!


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